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Top 10 events that shook the Russian economy in 2013

26.12.2013 14:10

Despite lackluster growth, 2013 was full of big deals and surprises for Russia. Putin released former oil tycoon Khodorkovsky after 10 years in jail, the first female central bank chair launched a massive ‘clean-up’, and much more!

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DrStephen Briggs 05.01.2014 10:16

If you play then you pay. Oil is on the mind of nearly every country in the world. We MUST look past oil and learn how to wisely harness the sunlight, wind, crops, etc. Generations of people that aren't even born will need something other than oil for their energy. The minds of our professionals worldwide can solve this issue and therefore the minds of future generations will build off this platform and find even better ways of controlling and producing far superior ways of manfacturing energy. Let's get past oil as the main energy solution for our planet and fucus on the future for a wiser way of producing energy.


Enrique 03.01.2014 13:50

The problem of a combined Lukoil-Rosneft company is that it could become a "de facto" monopoly in several regions of the Russian Federation (a market dominion similar to Total in France, Repsol in Spain or Eni in Italy)

It is true that there are other Russian companies in the oil and gas business like Surgutneftgas, Bashneft, Tatneft or Novatek but they are much smaller.


Enrique 03.01.2014 13:32

To be more precise, for Russia to have an oil company among the Seven Sisters group, Lukoil and Rosneft should merge to create a company with cobined revenues ($ 241 bn.) of similar size as Total, Chevron and ConocoPhilips. Of course, it should be a private company, even if with a "golden share" from the Russian Government, same as in most Western companies like Total, Repsol, BP, Petrobras etc.


Enrique 03.01.2014 10:45

Events 1,2,4 and 5 (plus the fact of being a women the head of the Russian Central Bank) are NOT economic issues but political (first two) or social issues.

Eve nt 3 is really important as it creates a new member of the famous Seven Sisters, the largest oil companies in the World, even if still with far less revenues than any other of the large oil companies (Exxon, Shell, BP, Total, Chevron, ConocoPhilips)

Event 10 is also very important as it can build new Russian suppliers of LNG to Japan and China replacing Qatar or Australia...

Event 8 returns to the previoius cartel with high prices for fertilizers...

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