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Russia assumes G8 presidency, lays out key agenda

01.01.2014 13:08

On January 1, Russia began its Group of Eight presidency for 2014 and will host the 40th G8 Summit in the Olympic city of Sochi in June. This year’s G8 agenda will focus on fighting terrorism and drug trafficking, managing conflicts and disasters.

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Steve J 03.01.2014 20:26

They are all crooks and liars, taking care of their own wealthy interests. But maybe Putin can keep some of the war interests scaled down til the empire collapses under its set of lies.


becquerrelle 03.01.2014 14:55

What I find Amusing is the Comments (many of which are completely off-topic) relating to Decisions Made after Months (and even years) of Serious Negotiation and Discussion by the Interested Parties

Onl y then is the Press Alerted and the ublic may Discuss the Done Deal - Nothing said Here can Change Anything - All that Angry Arguing - It's a Good Thing we are not in Nearby Cages or we'd be flinging food scraps instead of Insults through the Mesh


Gabriel Acobian 03.01.2014 08:52

obviously they won't kick themselves out, some one has to do it;; the best proof that there is no democracy in this world, but there is a lot of hypocricy.


Enrique 02.01.2014 21:52

Agromnoy 02.01.2014 18:00

If Japan is in G8, why not China and India? Could Russia help to bring them in.


Because it is a group of nations under U.S. influence. NATO members (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Canada) + Japan, which is also a U.S. Protectorate with thousands of troops....The odd member is the Russian Federation.

Russia was added by Clinton because Boris Yeltsin did whatever asked for by the U.S., Even if ending with the Soviet Dictatorship was great, ending with the Common Market and the Common Currency was ridiculous, and it has taken two decades to rebuild (partially)


Agromnoy 02.01.2014 18:00

If Japan is in G8, why not China and India? Could Russia help to bring them in.


Mike Littlefield 02.01.2014 15:52

Maybe President Putin can turn things around so that even the usa can't mess things up when it's our turn in 2020.


Enrique 02.01.2014 01:15

The G7 was a Summit of Western nations. Russia was admited into the club when Boris Yeltsin was President, but I doubt that now the G7 would have admitted Russia as it is an autonomous power. Anyway, as it is already inside, its views have to be taken into account as we could see about Syria...


Denis G 01.01.2014 17:31

Let the "steady head" of world order set the agenda.

Put in is a wise man among puppets.

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