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Russian stocks rebound after Crimea chooses to breakaway

17.03.2014 07:49

Stocks in Russia shrugged off fears of a market collapse after the Crimea referendum, as they opened higher on Monday. Analyst say domestic investors view possible Western sanctions as purely symbolic, as they don’t concern corporate assets.

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DS 18.03.2014 12:24

Before I write this, President Vladimir Putin should in no way take my statements as support...per Obama's Presidential edict:13660. That being said,
Way to go Vladic!


PR101 18.03.2014 00:41

Russia's central bank was forced to jack up interest rates on Monday in a bid to stabilize markets and counter the impact of a near 10% decline in the value of the ruble this year.


PR101 18.03.2014 00:38

Shares in Russia's leading companies have fallen 7% since the start of this week, and are now down 11% in 2014. That compares with a 3% decline across emerging markets.
Interes t rates in Russia rose 2% today.


Derek Maher 17.03.2014 20:57

Well given Russia has the potential to be one of the richest countries on Earth its a no brainer that people will invest.
Plus of course a lot of money moved back to Russia in the past couple of weeks as investors weighed up the risks. Better to have ones assets well away from a bunch of sanctions wielding thieves.


PR101 17.03.2014 13:26

Since 110 Russians own 90% of the wealth, it is very easy for them to manipulate the Russian markets. It won't last.


RG TC 17.03.2014 12:29

freeworldlogic two 17.03.2014 11:24

This article will disappear a little after 9:00AM EST when the NYSE opens.


Why so much hate?


Enrique 17.03.2014 12:27

Given the fact that Crimea has a population (including Sevastopol) of 2.3 million people, its integration into the Russian Federation (143 milion people) and the Rublezone means an increase of 1.6% on Russian population, and a 1% increase on Russia´s GDP.

So, this year, Russia´s GDP will increse more than 3%, and Russia´s population almost 2%.

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