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Sugar-free: Sharapova ditches name-change idea

20.08.2013 07:31

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova has reconsidered legally changing her surname to Sugarpova – her confectionary brand - for the two weeks of the US Open. The world’s highest-earning female athlete said getting a new passport would take too long.

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PJ 24.08.2013 14:39

[quote name='R.W. Emerson II' time='21.08.2013 05:47']SVGuss 10:40: Sharapova seems to be suffering from what tennis commentators call a "brain freeze".[/quote ]

She has attained her goal. Free advertising without the need to change her name. I have never heard the expression "brain-freeze&q uot;, but this girl has an active a brain as she has a body.


Scrutineer 21.08.2013 11:45

She should start an inflatable replica doll brand...that'll sell so much she will afford to host Roland Garros in her mansion's backyard.


Mark Stoltz 20.08.2013 13:56

Brilliant idea... however she doesn't have to change her name to make me drool...


Richard Glenn 20.08.2013 11:09

She is one sweet I could lick all day.


SVGuss 20.08.2013 10:40

The name sounds revolting, especially in Russian.

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