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​Spain exits multibillion EU bailout scheme

01.01.2014 00:48

Spain has entered the New Year without Eurozone support for its banks, after the bloc’s aid program concluded after delivering 41 billion euros during the country’s crippling debt crisis.

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Tony Blair 04.01.2014 13:42

As usual this is just lies & propaganda. How can spain with 25% suddenly be stabilised on borrowed / printed money. Its just to give a false confidence level for business to the eussr block. The european economy is bust, & we are all living on false credit & printed money. A reality check.


Fritz Meowmix 02.01.2014 17:18

Capitalism, socialism - whatever your poison who cares? They all fail because of corrupt people who take advantage of others.

It s only been six or seven million years humans have been around - I'm sure we will figure something out that doesn't suck hard eventually.


Dirk 01.01.2014 11:57

[quote name='Johnny Stevens' time='01.01.2014 01:24']Death to only serves the Elite!! [/quote
But socialism just creates a new and even more brutal elite while the poor's standard of living drops even further. Doesn't sound like a really good idea to me, does it?]


LeszX 01.01.2014 11:35

This story is incomplete - and is far from an "impressive success story". The only thing that has happened is that ESM has announced that Spain will not be borrowing any more on its ESM credit line. But there is still the 41.3 billion euro loan that remains to be repaid. In the meantime, the ESM itself has already lent out 485 billion - out of an available 700 billion Euros. What are the odds that the ESM will be able to provide all of the needed bailout money going forward?


Regula 01.01.2014 08:16

It is hard to see how this austerity imposed bailout is such a success with almost 27% unemployment. In other words, the banks were bailed out at the cost of the livelihood of the people who are clearly considered expendable by the EU government. This is the takeover of neo-liberal turbo capitalism, not genuine recovery.


Johnny Stevens 01.01.2014 01:24

So is this a positive move in the eyes of the corrupt media's eyes...a false dawn? Or is it an opportunity for a new uprising. The Anarchist movement of 1936, in Barcelona, was a forerunner to what could, and what can be accomplished today!! Death to only serves the Elite!!

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