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Ukraine misses gas payment deadline, risks halt on supplies - Gazprom

07.03.2014 14:19

Ukraine has missed its payment deadline for gas supplies. As its debt is increasing, Gazprom does not rule out it may cut gas supplies to the country, the Russian energy giant’s head Aleksey Miller has said.

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Ivo Petrović 15.04.2014 15:55

This is amazing - Ukraine just miss the deadline after outsting the Moscow puppet - Yanukovich.


Loki 20.03.2014 14:00

everything you buy nowadays... says "Made in China"


Podwodnaja 11.03.2014 12:24

Why doesn't anybody ask the right question? How could it be that Ukraine is in such debt over gas? It doesn't matter where the gas comes from, the problem is the people who control the gas! The people of Ukraine (all of them ukr/rus) need to wake up and get the focus off of Russia/EU/USA and put it on itself and its own problems! You need a government with all parties present! Rewrite laws which will target corruption. If you join the EU, you will only regret this, prices will go up and up. No national products will be used, everything will be imported! Take no money from EU nor IMF, your pensions will be horrible!


Mike Littlefield 11.03.2014 05:22

With all the sheep they have down there, you'd think they could buy plenty of natural gas from Enzed.


mergon 10.03.2014 10:23

If they want the bill paid they will have to come to England
to banks like RSB and co , they dont call this little Russia for nothing , a lot of the Russian gangsters bank/launder their cash over here ,they used to keep it in Greece /Turkey
and the like until the EEC did a cash grab .


steve 10.03.2014 05:57

Putin sell your usa bonds sike the usa so it like a third world country that be funny and Give me a few million tohelp me fight your corner from the uk


steve 10.03.2014 05:57

Well- cut the gas i say - and EU does not have 35 billion to give- may say it has but the EU is broke i cant let my goverment tax me more for a country that not even in the EU does not make any sense Russians where to give them a good deal- now they are screwed i think they will lose this big time- i cant see how the usa and uk are backing radical new partey leaders over there- all because they want to build bases there this war on words from usa and Russians wont ever stop as the usa are scared of them as they are bigger and may be stronger- and lets not for get less dept- i say


SRTCO ver 2.0 10.03.2014 05:39

none of this would be occuring if ukraine had not foolishly trusted us and russia to ensure their soverenity to give up their nukes


SRTCO ver 2.0 10.03.2014 05:37

watching ukraine being used as a pawn by the super powers leads to one conclusion. all countries must now accelerate their nucular programs and produce weapons as fast as posible to protect their borders from empire building corrupt nations. now there is no way to get iran, n korea, saudi arabia and others to stop, and no reason for anyone to trust russia or us again.


Enrique 10.03.2014 05:31

Perhaps once Ukraine becomes a NATO Protectorate they will receive money to pay for Russian gas at market prices.


Dr. Pain 10.03.2014 04:55

Seriously.. they should turn it off at least for few days.. to realize the facts ..


Lee Schuler 10.03.2014 03:50

But, but, but wasn't the EU going to give them plenty of money? Billions!! What happened to that? Wasn't that what the protests started over was because they wanted to go with the EU because they would get more money than if they went with Russia! Might get pretty cold there next winter so they better start praying for the hoax called global warming.


Karl 10.03.2014 00:55

Perhaps the Russians should have a word with their stooge Mr Yanukovych aboth the outstanding bill.... After all the debt was run up and the money trousered under his watch....The Ukrainian end users paid their bills, the government at that time took the money and ran...Have a look in Mr Y's Russian bank account


1984 10.03.2014 00:23

Harsányi Tamás 09.03.2014 08:27

The majority in these core-countries has nothing, but a car and a lifelong "right" to rent a flat, pay endless debt. Is that the "dream" the east is dreaming?


germans, who are often admired for some bizarre reason, live several families in a house

And get taxed 4-5x more than in the East.

An of course there is the same sex marriage fiasco that's being exported by the west, as normality

T he west, in their arrogance, complain that the East is corrupt, when in fact it is the entire western democratic life style that is a corrupt, unsustainable nightmare


Derek Maher 09.03.2014 23:20

There appears to be a misconception among some poster,s that Russia is going to cut off the Gas supply to western Europe.
Of course they won't. Germany etc will get their gas supplied as usual.
Now if Kiev continue not to pay then their supply will be cut off until they do pay up front.
Germany of course can supply Kiev out of their own pocket if they so wish. Now Angela may be in love with the Gas Princess but will her citizens foot the bill for this little romance?
Regardi ng Ukraine gas reserves. Exon will be wary of drilling in a politically unstable region even if there is a risk of the odd earthquake.


Vlada 09.03.2014 19:46

Russia should shut the gas pipelines to Ukraine if they do not pay for it. I mean, nobody would sell gas to the Nazis (from west Ukr) let alone by a discount price !

Here is a possible solution for the Nazis from western Ukraine: They could, in principle, import millions of tons of stones from US, out of which they could get some oil by fracking.

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