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US growth reaches 2.5%, but may be unsustainable

26.09.2013 16:57

The US economy grew by 2.5 percent from April through June, the Commerce Department has said. While the second-quarter result was an improvement on the 1.1% growth in the first quarter, how sustainable the growth will be remains a big question.

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tyler 30.09.2013 01:08

Andres Bustamante 29.09.2013 03:50

It is a true testament to the failure that is capitalism.


That might be true if we were a true Capitalist society. Capitalism is a free market society where consumers promote goods and service through purchase based on needs and wants; which is ultimatley how a capitalist society is meant to evolve. However, capitalism begins to be non-existant when government props up failing corporations with bailouts; which means goods and services is just a goverment promoted life style, like socialism only not favor of public needs; Hence the term corportism


Andres Bustamante 29.09.2013 03:50

What growth? I must be living in a different United States because there is no growth. In fact, this entire country looks like a dilapidated trailer park. It is a true testament to the failure that is capitalism.


Berit Andersson 27.09.2013 13:28

Det big problem with US economy is that the QE-programs creates stagflation within OECD.
Money printing leads to artificial higher rawmaterial prices meanwhile de aggregated demand in the overall economy is low.
This leads to lower Company profits and mass unemployment within the OECD economys.
US budget and monetary polcies becoms the biggest hinderance for global economical recovery.


Michael D. Ballantine 27.09.2013 01:40

With Deutsche bank on the verge of collapse, their chief economist lacks credibility. That being said, there are 2 million more workers and 2 million less jobs than when Pres Obama took office in Jan 2008. UE3 may be falling but unemployment is about to go parabolic so any nascent recovery reflects money printing activities at the FED and is unsustainable. As long as Bernanke refuses to allow interest rates to rise, job creation will continue to go south. Investors want returns and 0% interest rates do not provide them. Raise rates, end the insanity and return stability to markets.

Mi ke B - National Justice Party


Tyrant 27.09.2013 00:48

So we must be producing 2.5% more freedom?


Zeitgeisttt 26.09.2013 19:00

"sustainable growth" can not happen in a world of finite resources...what is needed is a resource based monetary system to complement the finite resources of this planet and not this monetary ponzi scheme system that steals the value of the 99% of the population...

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