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Midnight mayhem: US budget battle sends stocks into plummet

30.09.2013 09:32

Global stocks have slid just hours before the US government shutdown deadline expires at midnight. Market sentiment has weakened as US lawmakers have still not come to a consensus on their spending bill for the next fiscal year, which starts on Oct 1.

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mergon 05.03.2014 09:20

Take a country that uses up 25% of the worlds resources when everything is running out and then spends billions more than it has coming in every year on spying on the world trying to secure as many resources as it can with the industrial aspect of it .
So we then come to whats known as point break ,the machine just starts to break down ,as has started to happen all over the world .
What happens now is wars and land grabs ,food shortages water shortages ,because there are just to many people on the planet .
You know this because the politicians are stealing all of the money they can !


William Chalmi 02.10.2013 15:16

I want to say the in Syrian and after all the destruction chaos the government still pay for the employment and the Syrian government did't shutdown ........... if every single citizen in Syria is against the Bashar Al Assad the Government would shutdown a long time ago


Little Johnny 01.10.2013 05:50

I'm still coming to grips with the fact that people still invest in shares! That must be the very definition of delusional. As for idiocracy. Lol at least they saw there was a problem and appointed someone with a functioning brain to deal with it. I don't think these turkeys fully grasp what is really going on.


Fahad Haroon 01.10.2013 04:55

It's time for Jesse Ventura / Howard Stern 2016 Presidential Election.


Susy Crandall 01.10.2013 04:18

Idiocracy in action. So proud.


Carlos Gomez 30.09.2013 17:29

Just listen a moment.

Wha t if a Political Party was created to eliminate a Head Government and just allow the People to Vote on Issues and each issue then is made by Popular Vote ?

Eliminate Lobbyist, Politicians, Shutdowns, Secret Programs, Global Responses, etc. etc. Its the age of modern technology lets put it to work for us, the people.

If any person or group found monkeying with the popular vote then they are put to death with no mercy and no clemency and no arbitration. Immediate and swift. Case closed.

Thi s Ideal should be broadcast by all country's.


Carlos Gomez 30.09.2013 17:11

Has anyone noticed yet that the government really doesn't do anything for the People ? An the fact that no one is pointing out is the simple idea that we the people would be better off letting the system run on auto-pilot, let the chips fall where they may at least e wouldn't have crooks and mafia (I mean Politician's) stealing whatever money they can from lobbyist representing the elite's interest. Really, have you seen anything productive for us, the people come out of Washington in the last 30 years ?


Carlos Gomez 30.09.2013 17:06

Well there you go, if you see whats happening and the "do nothing" congress takes off before averting this so called economic crippling global tragedy, whats that tell you ?

"Oh the sky is falling!"....ti me for nap.


Brian Cooper 30.09.2013 16:06

Too bad more people aren't involved politically. Then we might have a chance to get an actual president instead of some puppet for the global elite. People are afraid of sitting a couple days in jail for legally demonstrating and being illegally detained for it. Corruption in our government is systemic and corporations being allowed to donate money to campaigns is a travesty. Let's take our country back. Shall we?


Jim Vandervlucht 30.09.2013 15:30

You realize that Federal Debt figure has been reported as the exact same number for a number of months now? Table III-C of the daily treasury statement indicates this impossibly stable figure 16,699,396 in the Debt subject to limit. Every day.


Frank 30.09.2013 15:27

Agree with Gary Farmer, time for the Democrats and Republicans to go along with all the lobbyists who supply the money that has completely corrupted Washington, DC.

How do we get them out, slimeballs who will not go peacefully?

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