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US banks shaken by biggest fund withdrawals since 9/11

25.01.2013 11:45

US Federal Reserve is reporting a major deposit withdrawal from the nation’s bank accounts. The financial system has not seen such a massive fund outflow since 9/11 attacks.

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Hugh 30.01.2014 00:22

RT - Why are you running this story from January of 2013 now? You're 1 year late or else your dates in the article are wrong. Please correct this. (Check the date of the story - ED.)


George Dreisch 28.01.2014 12:46

I'm no financial expert, but how can this not be a effect of China putting a hold on money transfers?


KTsBabe2702 28.01.2014 06:30

It may not be as much the government's fault as it is US Bank's fault. They "fee" their customers to death! They also require you to agree to online statements and notification just to keep an eye on your account online. You cannot even view your account unless you agree to it. People are tired of working to pay someone else (who profits off the money deposited) by making the choice to trust them with their money!


Reverb 27.01.2014 16:28

Buy Bitcoin or shove $$$$$ under your mattress. Or buy Bitcoin and shove your cold storage paper wallet under your mattress.

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