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Clashes at food market after demo over rise in price of parking in Brazil

15.03.2014 10:23

Demonstrators vandalised Latin America's largest food market in Sao Paulo on Friday after a protest by truck drivers against a hike in parking fees. Brazilian riot police were called to take control of the situation and ended up clashing with the demonstrators. One man was shot and taken to hospital, and another four were injured, the clashes also caused miles of back-up traffic in the city.

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Phil Keup 20.03.2014 02:55

Biggest government sham is putting up tolls to "pay for the road" and yet they are never taken down long after the money is acquired. Hopefully things will change. But do not count on it


mergon 16.03.2014 10:05

Mad Max is here ,tool up and prepare you know whats coming !

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