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US sends 600 troops to Eastern Europe, warship USS Taylor enters Black Sea

22.04.2014 17:45

US frigate USS Taylor (FFG 50) has entered the Black Sea, according to the US Navy, as the Pentagon announces plans to dispatch some 600 troops to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for military exercises.

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Tony Kaye 22.05.2014 06:27

... russia is pathetic and is trying to stay relevant. We get it... the whole World gets it. You clowns aren't even bright enough to change the routine you've been pulling since the 50s. Archaic and pathetic... to be blunt.

Enjoy burning rubles to stay warm this winter... that's all they'll be good for.


Shahna 30.04.2014 18:38

"Kirby stated, adding that exercises could potentially expand into other countries. "

As long as they expand to other NATO countries - there should be no problem....?


Willy Dakota 26.04.2014 10:50

Yanks ,they sure do big mouth a lot !.No one wins in a war with Russia and they know it.Dont know who they think they trying to impress.America had it's ego dented re Syria know what i mean.Ha.Russia submit to no one especially the Yanks.Yanks trying to regain face !.Sad.Russia will humilliate them again you just watch.


C'mon Now 26.04.2014 02:43

How's the Ruble doing these days? Anyone? Finance trumps everything. What did the S&P do your Russia's credit rating recently? Why are investors pulling their money out of Russian investments? See for yourself.

Do this one simple thing. Sunday night mark down the value of the ruble and the volume of your market. And next sunday compare the two.

Truth -

1. The Dollar has gain 9.4% on the ruble this year.
2. S&P downgraded credit rating.
3. Bank Rates in Russia rose to 7.5%
4. 1 Dollar = 35 Rubles !!!

Nu ff Said....


Kessner 25.04.2014 20:58

Thats all nice and dandy, but I do not think Russia is shaking in their boots, because when the shot is fired, they are getting into it so fast you would think it was a invastion, That is what I saw happend in Georiga, And Russia is not going to be in it alone. There isn't gonna be just a US or NATO/US verses Russia. That is a pointless pipe dream..


Wass Hannin 25.04.2014 20:42

We have 316k people to Russia's 145k, 145k manpower to Russia's 69k, 120k fit for military service compared to Russia's 46k, 1430000 active personnel to Russia's 76k, 13k aircraft strength to Russia's 3k, 6k helicopters to Russia's 973, 13k serviceable airports to Russia's 1218, comparable Armored fighting vehicle strength, 24 major ports and terminals to Russia's 7, a more numerous and powerful navy that is far more technologically advanced, 10 aircraft carriers to Russia's 1, we have larger purchasing power, a larger labour force better roadways and other infrastructure.


Dnythedg 25.04.2014 16:31

Referendom in Monte Negro when it broke away from Serbia was legal but Crimea is not.


Dnythedg 25.04.2014 16:30

We dont have politicians. No NATO no airspace nothing. Just send the US home. For once can the EU please do what it knows is wright. Once.


Dnythedg 25.04.2014 16:27

Mr. X 25.04.2014 10:20

The US has no business in the Black Sea.


Exactly. No buisness anywhere for that matter.


Dnythedg 25.04.2014 16:20

So if Russia were to go and strike a deal with Canada kick the US out and on its own start running, sending weapons and controlling what the new government said, did, and thought. Sent some mercanaries, payed them through the kgb and started riots while the hole time accusing the US of all they were doing. All this and REALLY> the US would sit back and watch. Leave. Just leave. Ive seen your ways up close. You make all around you sick. Stay home and print some more dollars.

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