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​Russia questions NATO military buildup near border

26.04.2014 02:47

The deployment of US and NATO aviation, ships and troops raises concerns, Russia’s Chief of General Staff told his American counterpart. In a phone conversation the two also spoke of Russian military exercises and “substantial” Ukrainian troop buildup.

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Mr. Deaver 26.04.2014 04:14

The West isn't interested in a military confrontation with Russa. It doesn't need one. Let's face it, they defeated the Soviet Union on the financial battlefield, and if it looks like Russia is trying to re-estblish it's old empire, they'll use financial warfare to do it again. Obama may be wrong about a lot of things, but he was right about at least one: Russia is now a Regional power.


Marc Lepine 26.04.2014 04:10

Get use to it Putin....all your neighbours will have arms pointed at you. That's what you should expect for being a thug and a thief


Marc Lepine 26.04.2014 04:08

I see it differently. Putin restarted the Cold War invading Crimea. He wants that iron curtain back up....good...let's give it to him


Marc Lepine 26.04.2014 04:07

Its Putin who's not happy about upcoming May elections Ukraine is to have....maybe its because he hasn't got a puppet fixed to win. Its laughable


Pushkin 26.04.2014 04:06

These communications are just protocol. Kiev fascists have been advised that if they escalate and star killing civilians, Russian will wipe them out (3 to 5 days). NATO will not intervene, but the west will be thrilled to start a new cold war to resuscitate their economies through "economies of war". That is, I think, the US plan. It won't work.


Kessner 26.04.2014 04:06

Well Russia’s Chief of General, this is what it looks like when they want you to stay put as they finish off the rest of the anti-government protest. Here the Russian bear will bow to the Imperial New World Order and let the NATO and the US, EU do as they see fit. So eaither stick to your guns, you drew the line in the sand, Russia is famious for never backing off. Or sell out Russia in defeat, and take it like the rest of the world. They will never heed your warnings. The rest of them protesters best surender or die. That is how it is gonna be. The whole thing is out of control. Thanxs to the US and EU, NATO..


american_realist 26.04.2014 03:50

Don't worry Ukraine/Russia/Slavs ... the "International& quot; banking cartel and its loyal dog the American war machine have arrived to wipe your noses and teach you the ways of Western civilization. Just kidding ;-)


PeterNZL 26.04.2014 03:46

NATO thugs are doing what they do best – provocation and intimidation.


Darryl Hetherington 26.04.2014 03:39

Russia is not allowing reactionary responses to this NATO provocation. However the Russian Federation is not intimidated by the 'alliance' of puppet nations of the US. They are not strong enough to take on a real military and very serious nation - Defence is nothing new to the Russian population...


Anthony [Tony] Purcell 26.04.2014 03:36

Truly if the Americans did not push, Europe & nato would do very little. One knows who calls the shots!

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