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‘Shortest march in recent history’: Antifascist groups disrupt neo-Nazi rally in Berlin (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

26.04.2014 15:02

About a hundred fascists were only allowed to march 300 meters from their gathering point as left-wingers, trade unions and ordinary Berliners joined forces to stop a neo-Nazi march. Clashes between the groups led to some injuries and arrests.

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SourceKnown! 27.04.2014 10:02

It always concerns me that people as individuals or groups, even as a society. Who's way of life is a complete and utter failure, consider that they have the right or even the capacity of understanding, to decide who can and cannot act in a certain way.

How is denying these people their right to hold a rally and then attacking them a sign of civilization?or a balanced and tolerant society?

Al though it is always necessary that we understand the line that divides and keeps balance between tolerance and complacency!

We should not be creating situations that will only cause more conflict or lead to extremism/oppression


Steven Jefferson 27.04.2014 09:57

It's great that anti-Fascists are standing up to these ignorant thugs in Germany.

But why is the EU backing a Fascist 'government' in Kiev that seized power in a violent putsch?


Machiavelli 27.04.2014 09:05

Inside the EU there are currently a lot of problems with their citizens.
The head of EU is in the hands of criminal financial US - Israel lobbies.


Freesaxon 27.04.2014 08:58

Togo 27.04.2014 08:43

***Fr eesaxon? How can Saxons free in US or Britain? There is no freedom in US and UK. You er allowed to bark but not to bite - sad and miserable lot. ***

yes you are right, its my WISH to be free.

Of Empire....

Correct .... nothing to be proud of.
P.S you forgot the TOTAL genocide of tasmanian aborigines ( read up please ) Enslavement of Chinese via opium addiction.

Gas chambers ???!! WoT ?


Freesaxon 27.04.2014 08:25

About 100 neo-Nazis were only able to move about 300 meters from their original meeting point, the Jannowitzbrucke Bridge in the center of Berlin.

Before they were met by African protesters and violence

Th ats democracy ????


Freesaxon 27.04.2014 08:22

Leon Redbone 27.04.2014 07:25

>& gt;How bout those who think they are literally being genocided, <<<

But its true!

Do White folks have to live in poverty in mud huts to have rights ? Or be native American indians ?

As for the remainder of your comments unfortunately you are right about the negativity, the strain & stress going against the flow that White separatists have to suffer.

It shouldn't BE that way, we are not asking for much.
Its actually the anti white protesters that are rampant racists.


Simon 27.04.2014 08:19

National Democratic Party of Germany should go to Kiev and march there. Very probably they would be welcomed by Nuland's puppet "PM" (Yats).


Freesaxon 27.04.2014 08:12

''Ant i-Racist'' is a codeword for Anti-White.


Sam Mooney 27.04.2014 07:56

nazi was national socialism not right but left just pick up right because ussr was worse neo-nazi again far left when you count the bodies far left always has the most unlit we drain the swamp again we need new terms freedom party looters party nazis marxists liberal peoples republic all fit in looter category even islam


Norbert Sachs 27.04.2014 07:25

What are those people telling? Those coward leftwing brats are the real fascists because they don't tolerate any other oppinion differing from their own and violently attack every opposition... As long as the ''enemy'' is severely outnumbered and policemen keeps both apart, of course.

I'd like all leftwingers who support african/muslim invasion into Europe to live in the same areas as their fosterlings and earn the fruits of their work.

''Ant i-Racist'' is a codeword for Anti-White.

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