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Kerry rebuked EU for inciting Ukraine ‘tug of war’– report

30.04.2014 11:20

While publicly denying Russia’s accusation that the EU forced Ukraine choose between Russia and Europe, in private America’s top diplomat reportedly admitted this as fact and that it played a part in escalating the ongoing crisis.

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Mario John 24.07.2014 23:20

This story needs to be reposted on the front page of RT frequently. It illustrates the complete hypocrisy of Kerry, shameless liar that he is, and the USDOS,


Marc Lepine 01.05.2014 11:21

It is RT and Putin who tug at Ukrainians wanting those Ukrainians who are pro Ukrainian to feel they then must be anti russian and neo nazis. You spread that garbage in almost every article. These pro Putin separatist are a minority faction, yet RT and Putin give only their views. Now why would that be? Lol


Norma Brown 01.05.2014 10:26

now how credible is that -- that the alleged sophisticated intercepts were the work of Ukrainians, not the minions of CIA Chief John Brennan. He probably had a dozen intercept techs packed in his suitcases.


joshua jackson 01.05.2014 06:30

I dont know if Kerry is cut out for this job. He hasnt made many right moves. Obama can sure pick some winners. They keep the chaos and confusion stirred up. Ukraine certainly went from a winning prospect to a heck of a mess.


Ed Camilo 01.05.2014 05:12

@Marc Lepine: 99 countries agreed with the US because they were, by in large, intimidated by the bully . On the other hand, 93 truly sovereign countries told the US to get lost!


Ed Camilo 01.05.2014 05:07

If Kerry still has any presidential ambitions , he must take a more radical stance. Calling Israel an apartheid state, and calling the kiev juta a Nazi organization would earn him my vote. Unfortunately he has flip flop again.


Marc Lepine 01.05.2014 05:07

The only country with anything to win in Ukraine is Russia by land grabs. Putin has shown already that stealing land from his neighbour is of no concern to him. That is why Putin is so aggressively directing in and participating in Ukraine unrest. 99 countries agreed with US on that point. Putin is a liar, a thug and a bum.


Alex 01.05.2014 03:30

"Some folks in Europe made mistakes, the association agreement became too much of an East-West tug of war. It shouldn’t have been,” US Secretary of State John Kerry"
RT interpretation:
"Kerry rebuked EU for inciting Ukraine ‘tug of war’– report...Russia has long insisted that the EU and the US sparked the political crisis in Ukraine last October."

This is a ridiculously dishonest interpretation of Kerry's words. I'm glad that RT at least has the Kerry quote in the article. Kerry is admitting that the EU didn't help the situation, not that they started it. Just when I thought that RT wasn't so bad.


Alex 01.05.2014 03:29

RonS 30.04.2014 22:23

Ill egal and unelected MP's voted in "Yats" and the others to run the stooge government.


Illegal and unelected MP's? I thought it was the Ukrainian parliament, same as under Yanukovych?


Drake Chen 01.05.2014 02:26

Oh get real Banzal , US has been out for Russia , since there first choice enemy China was forbidden !
We have too much money there and all our goods comes from there , and we owe billions of debt .

So back to middle east ,ops the war lasted too short.
We only used 800k $ a confirmed kill .
Ok need more wars to make more profit . Who next ?


Jim 01.05.2014 02:22

Kerry along with McCain destroyed the military records of the MIAs in Viet Nam.
Then he labled out raged relatives as nuts and worse.
For the last three decades our government has been the greatest lie generator on the face of the earth.

Our oligarchy choses the candidates and our choice is to chose who the oligarchs want.


Nina 01.05.2014 02:05

Peter Anderson 30.04.2014 12:30

.... The Western Pope has turned progressive.... and is showing outward signs of being a Marxist and even had to deny it..


I would say that the Pope has turned from abusing children or hiding the abuse to canonizing the worst fascist. No wonder when the previous pope was one of the fascist youth, as per his admittance.


RonS 30.04.2014 22:23

RonS 30.04.2014 22:20

Yan ukovich fled for his life!
Fact: You tube video of thugs chasing elected MP's out of parliament with ball bats and clubs.
Fact: You tube video of thugs on that Maidan stage naming new (unelected and illegal) MP's to replace MP's that they chased out!


Illegal and unelected MP's voted in "Yats" and the others to run the stooge government.


banval 30.04.2014 22:23

Russians and Russia would be better off understanding the US goals. Russia seems to want to promulgate this myth that America is out for them. If Russians paid less attention to America (and maybe RT can drop the USA as its first menu item) they could focus on building a better and glorious Russia. Russia could be a great country. Instead it sponsors dictators and in Ukraine murderers and kidnappers. It is sad to see this as a Slav. It could have been a true counterweight to America. Instead it is its own worst enemy.


RonS 30.04.2014 22:20

Monty Charles 30.04.2014 18:53

Another question. Yanukovich is said to have been 'deposed'. I recall that he actually fled the country for Russia - leaving the country leaderless - so the parliament elected a new leader in his absence. Is that the case? Again - please no political rhetoric - this is a simple genuine factual question.


Yanukovich fled for his life!
Fact: You tube video of thugs chasing elected MP's out of parliament with ball bats and clubs.
Fact: You tube video of thugs on that Maidan stage naming new (unelected and illegal) MP's to replace MP's that they chased out!


RonS 30.04.2014 22:06

[quote name='John Smith' time='30.04.2014 21:53']As an American, I am very sad about the state of our domestic media. The farcical Western media is in fact mostly propaganda, not real news coverage. RT provides the most balanced and thorough news coverage of any news outlet. I just wanted to say thank you to RT for keeping me well informed on current affairs.
[/quote ]

I totally agree. I am an american also and our media is a complete farce and a joke.


JimmyB 30.04.2014 21:44

Let's be very clear here. Kerry will throw the EU under the bus faster than one can blink. The evidence of the West's dirty deeds is piling up and Kerry knows this. Watch closely as he tries to put the full blame on the EU.


Drake Chen 30.04.2014 21:12

But offcourse in the interest of the "Ally" we will take the blaim again , just remember , once the bucket is full ..
It is full , and boy has the bucket been filled fast these couple of decades .

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