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Upset with dowry, Nepal man 'sets pregnant wife on fire'

Published time: May 06, 2014 13:48
Reuters / Pascal Lauener

Reuters / Pascal Lauener

Nepalese authorities are searching for a man who allegedly set his pregnant wife on fire due an apparent dispute over her dowry, a police officer said Tuesday.

Police accuse Farid Sheikh and his parents of dousing kerosene over the 25-year-old woman, who was seven months pregnant, in an effort to extort a motorcycle and water buffalo from her relatives.

"When the incident happened about a month ago, they took her to India for treatment, saying it was an accident," police official Prem Basnyat told AFP.

After the woman’s health deteriorated and she suffered a miscarriage, her father filed charges against the husband's family in Banke district, western Nepal.

"We recorded her statement yesterday, but her husband and in-laws have vanished. We are searching for them," Basnyat said.

A Nepalese human rights group said it brought the young woman to a Kathmandu hospital on Monday where she remains in critical condition.

The woman told how her husband "assaulted her regularly, saying that she did not bring... a dowry. She added that he burnt her private parts with cigarettes," according to a statement by the Informal Sector Service Centre.

Dowry-related violence has long been a social problem in this South Asian country of nearly 27 million people.

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Suzanne Fritsch 07.05.2014 13:18

Sorry to say there are mental problems in all cultures.


زينب 07.05.2014 12:49

Chris Harrison 06.05.2014 15:36

Its the religion of love and peace, it was a loving burning.


is lam forbids the bride from giving a dowry to the husband. and orders the groom to present the bride with a wedding gift (dowry) specific to her request.
in fact what you see in this article stems from hinduism and indian culture which unfortunately muslims in asia have adopted as their culture, ignoring the commands of islam. islam also forbids men from harming their wives. the 'beat your wife' verse from the qur'an is grossly taken out of context and mistranslated, by both muslims and non.


DoAskDoTell 07.05.2014 08:50

..."patriarchy& quot; AND "modernity" ; in their ugliest expression of total domination, brute power and violence, zero-sum game of artificial scarcity, the winner takes all mentality, instant gratification, something for nothing

To be healthy as a society, we will need to embrace both patriarchy & matriarchy (its opposite, nurturing, abundance, sharing)

and to practice self-restraint, self-respect and harmonious balance

... against needless suffering and cruelty
... for the day after tomorrow.

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