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Selective support: US set to punish Russia for Ukraine elections, referendums results

07.05.2014 01:50

The Unites States and EU have denounced the referendums planned by anti-coup protesters in Eastern Ukraine as illegal, at the same time demanding that the country-wide presidential elections take place despite the military operation in the East.

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Peter Jennings 10.05.2014 12:17

Ukraine isn't even in the EU, so how can any EU or US admin say that any referendum the Ukrainians have is illegal?

Th ese people are clearly idiots and imbeciles if they think that they have the backing of the EU/US people. As usual they are so far up their own sphincter that they cannot see the tide rising against them.

These countries are bankrupt, their leaders are morally bankrupt so it's only a matter of time before these so-called leaders start stabbing each other in the back and the whole lot comes crashing down.

We can then concentrate on these shysters boltholes and bring them before their adoring public.


gabriel k 09.05.2014 20:28

Putin must warn the US and EU that any further sanctions on Russia will be considered an act of agression therefore Russia will declare war on any country that join in the sanctions..get every piece of nuclear arms in Russia's arsenal ready to more playing games,scare the dogs and they will certainly back off.


marksnoel 09.05.2014 15:10

Obama, Kerry and Nuland should be charged with crimes against humanity. I would add Biden but I think he is too stupid to know what he had done.


SSD7 09.05.2014 14:34

(Quote above): “the US is sending $18 million of ‘non-lethal’ military aid to Ukraine,” (&Quote): I suspect most of the $18 million are going into the pockets of the USA’s hired thugs (Blackwater & Right Sector.) Of course the thugs are fighting so hard to retake all East Ukraine buildings. They are being bribed with money, money, money from the broke USA government.


SSD7 09.05.2014 14:28

This USA arrogance against Russia is shameful. Suppose Russia had tried Regime Change in Mexico, and was in the border areas killing Mexican civilians. Would the Russians expect the USA to help them get full control of Mexico, and then sanction the USA for not obeying their will?


Stingray 09.05.2014 08:15

America should not interfere in Europe and let it sort its own problems out. America is thousands of miles from Europe and does not effect their population who live in USA but are happy to cause trouble else where as long as it achieves their own end game.


Mr. Kite 09.05.2014 07:27

Once again we see the real big business interest( US gas companies) behind the sanctions. They wish to profit at the expense of Russia and Europe, then coat it in the same old propaganda.


crisco 09.05.2014 05:21

i denounce us/eu sanction against russia as well... we have no right to intervene whatsoever. let the people voice be heard...


Basil Eneh 09.05.2014 05:20

President Putin's stance is clearly intended to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine. The response from Kiev shows that we are dealing with political thugs and opportunists.

The Ukrainian army must decide whether the protection of Ukraine is same as protecting such thugs. Nothing short of a military coup will prevent the permanent split of Ukraine into different countries.

The army must work with Russia to stabilize the situation. The West simply doesn't understand and has bungled another opportunity to de-escalate. Obsessed with threats of sanctions, they forget that action and reaction are equal and opposite.


Denis Macinavicius 09.05.2014 04:51

[quote name='Mark' time='07.05.2014 14:14']

1) invading Crimea and supporting a 'referendum' to leave Ukraine

2) promoting fear and hatred of Ukrainians supporting the acting govt - calling them 'fascists' - independent report commissioned by UN Humans Rights of minorities in Ukraine

Did you realise that ethnic RU made up 18% of UA and that's now only 15% -minus Crimea ?

Source material : Ukraine and Russia - The Post Soviet Transition Roman Solchanyuk

[/quo te]

Waw did't realise you wore brainwashed that much.


Denis Macinavicius 09.05.2014 04:48

Myroslav Protsiv 07.05.2014 23:01

whe re do you people get that number of 5 billion, does putin count us money, ive seen this argument come up like hundred times, but there is no way anyone can now hov much money us spent suporting opossition, even if they did spend any, and i would never belive that it was 5 billion, cause for 5 bill, im pretty sure yanukovich would not only leave Putin but also would give Obama a blow job


5 billion american goverment edmited it on press conference.


Denis Macinavicius 09.05.2014 04:42

Usa need a war, and resorses. America says tey are the greitest nation in the world hmm... i remember Nopolion and Hitler saying the same wods. Russia dose not start a war, Russia ends war.


Bernd Walter 08.05.2014 19:32

[quote name='sharifeddin' time='08.05.2014 19:18']Euro & Dollar are weaker now while it build its power on the past not on present . the reasons are many but one of them is a big expenses of American interference in other countries and American colonies which destroy its power while such regimes can not fight the whole World Peoples , Euro and Dollar someday are valueless paper without commercial ground me interest only gold ,immobiles or antiquites.


edgar 08.05.2014 18:32

“Elections and referendums must be free, fair, and take place in an environment that excludes violence, and be held under objective and impartial international monitoring," Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov what about syria arent they in a civil war how can they say that dam russia stupid


Vera Gottlieb 08.05.2014 14:07

Frigging Americans. Why don't they take a good look at themselves and stop pointing at others. Go home, Yankee...and stay there. Enough of mucking up my living space.

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