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Moscow's roadmap for Ukraine settlement sees mixed response

08.05.2014 00:35

Moscow’s call on pro-federalization protesters in Ukraine to postpone the referendums was welcomed by the West and Kiev, yet they still do not recognize the need to halt the military op in southeast as a prerequisite for national dialogue and elections.

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Carl Rugenstein 11.05.2014 22:09

I'll give you that Putin is reasonably sharp. He is still the head of a state run criminal organization.


proud canadian 10.05.2014 04:05

taken from
Soldiers and Paramilitary are shooting indiscriminately at civilians in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Mariapul on the explicit orders of the Kiev Neo-Nazi regime.

The CIA is advising the government on the conduct of these operations directed against innocent civilians.

Meanwhile the Western media remains silent, tacitly supportive and complicit in the conduct of crimes against humanity in the name of “democracy”.


proud canadian 10.05.2014 04:02

if there is anyone who can stop the warmongers of the u.s. it is the one and only Mr. V. Putin.... read it and weap!!


proud canadian 10.05.2014 03:58

to srey pov: how can you say that if it wasn't for Putin the u.s. would have been warring with syria months ago many innocent people would have been killed, do you not think the u.s and other governments are evil, and don't speak for the rest of the world, there are lots that think not like you, there are lots that give Putin credit for what he has done, stopped war in syria, and the current situation also could be worse if it weren't for a smart man like Putin, I give him a lot of credit and he is a very smart man, he serves his people well and his country, you should respect him!


Srey Pov 09.05.2014 17:50

The world can see how bad Putin is. He tell the lie again & again. So many civillian killed, he don't really care as he would do to Syrian peoples. Ukraine/ Pro-russian need to wake up what you do is killing each other. Putin'll not taking your side (Pro-Russia). He only want to weaken Ukraine and at the end of the day your children (Pro-Russia) & Ukraine children who will suffer after for many years. Putin government very bad, the world can see it. It not about America or EU, it all about Putin policy to make Ukraine weak, but Ukraine have a strong voices with the rest of EU/Asia. Please think Pro-Russia.


citizen smith 09.05.2014 17:44

Who are these armed insurgents? Many reportsvstate that three quaters are from outide ukraine, mainly russia. Is it it for armed people from outside the country to start a civil war? The Ukrainian government has no choice but to tackle these armed groups, if the Ukrainian government did nothing, these armed groups would take the land by force. Ukraine has to fight for its integrity.


citizen smith 09.05.2014 17:39

Loud people with guns are not good people to hold a referendum. This what happened in crimea, that didn't turn out too well.


citizen smith 09.05.2014 17:37

These people have no right to set up a referendum, who will vote, whats the question. It is guaranteed civil war, no country would allow armed separatists group's to
orgainise rerendums to join another country. Apparantly 70% people do not want any change, what about their rights, what about them.


citizen smith 09.05.2014 17:30

Come on RT, these so called protesters are heavily armed and have taken over many government buildings. Any government would have to disarm these militants. This armed insurrection is nothing like the kidv protests. This is all the result of a nasty wave of russian nationalism stated by putin. We know from 70 years what fascist nationalism can do, this time it is Russia that is being fascist like.


Regula 09.05.2014 14:39

They meanwhile didn't postpone the referendum in eastern Ukraine, because Kiev refused to stop the military assaults. It is also clear that at this point, eastern Ukraine will not settle for less than autonomy in a federalized Ukraine. If they can't get it, they will secede. Which will cost Kiev Ukraine's integrity. Putin tried to resolve the problem so as to keep Ukraine together. Nuland et al. are too important to Kiev to keep Turchinov/Yatsenyuk' s power and they disregard Putin's attempt to solve the situation in a true way. If Kiev now loses eastern and in time southern Ukraine, it is Kiev's own fault.


Justice 09.05.2014 05:26

Chris Ferguson 09.05.2014 02:37

Putin's trolls are out in full force. :-D


Said a crushing NATObot bore - his had exploding from mental exertion of copy-pasting another idiocy.


Justice 09.05.2014 01:40

Hey POTATO HEAD, take your medication, your paranoid fantasies will subside.
Anyone' s grandmother can kick YOU around!


Chanaka Jayawardhana 08.05.2014 22:45

The popularity of President Putin has sky-rocketed because of his wise decisions and bravery in facing against western conspiracies. I heard that a western high-diplomat recently said "f--k EU...." I hope that everybody could recall own memories. Let's see how she would response now - at this event. The things what the west has forgotten is that Russia and Ukraine are brothers and they (people) have been enjoying with cultural and historic bonding. Tax-payers of western countries should remind this for their respective governments.


Sarah Millar 08.05.2014 13:53

If they asked what USA stands for 80% of World would say "NSA" You have no freedom! You can not even walk down a street without your government knowing why and what for!

I love real freedom and democracy living in Russia![/quote]

You do not understand US freedom. It is the right to complain about being watched... The right to watch its citizens... The right to protest what you do not like ... To deface the flag and say that the US is bad....
So long as you do not hurt other people's rights to do.the same.


Sarah Millar 08.05.2014 13:48

Myroslav Protsiv 08.05.2014 13:32

yep, you dont have to tell Obama, all you have to do is ask for Putins permission and you can take a pee-pee. just make sure that while youre tinkling not to say anything bad about Putin, or bad stuf may happen to you, you know


I guess the other thing is that in the US people get Pissed off about being monitored because they value freedom. That has been crushed out.of the Russian people who do not see to be alarmed


Sarah Millar 08.05.2014 13:46

Myroslav Protsiv 08.05.2014 13:32

yep, you dont have to tell Obama, all you have to do is ask for Putins permission and you can take a pee-pee. just make sure that while youre tinkling not to say anything bad about Putin, or bad stuf may happen to you, you know


Yes... The US watches people. People have bombed it a few times and they need to try and stop it happens again. Russia does the same thing for many of the same reasons. Frankly this comparison is stupid as they are the same.


Sarah Millar 08.05.2014 13:44

Myroslav Protsiv 08.05.2014 13:32

yep, you dont have to tell Obama, all you have to do is ask for Putins permission and you can take a pee-pee. just make sure that while youre tinkling not to say anything bad about Putin, or bad stuf may happen to you, you know


You''re all funny. US did these terrible things... glossing.over Russia in Afghanistan and the starting.of villages. Iraq invaded a neighbour (Kuwait)... So the US helped a friend. Why did the Russians Afghanistan: imperialism ... Just like now.

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