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Moscow: Kiev's reaction obstructs OSCE efforts to resolve Ukraine crisis

08.05.2014 13:07

Kiev's reaction has jeopardized the OSCE’s efforts to start an inclusive national dialogue in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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Marina Arane 10.05.2014 04:05

Have you seen and heard tortured miners? Ears cut off corpses? Dozens captives held by "pro russian" fighters, beaten to pulp? It is not just humanitarian, it is humane crises.
RT has no shame, but who cares, right?
Just today a priest and a family with a little child killed in cold blood. What a holiday for great Russia


Regula 09.05.2014 14:17

Kiev wants to look "independent&qu ot; - so they came up with unity round table discussions - and that while their neo-Nazi thug army shoots civilians in eastern Ukraine! They are insane in Kiev. Nor will such discussions address the real problems and the desires for autonomy of eastern Ukraine. Whereas the OSCE roadmap could at least have resulted in peace. But Turchinov still hopes to engage Russia in its anti-terrorist offensive in the east to have the US fight its battle and ascertain its power. It won't happen. If Russia intervenes, it will be the end of Kiev.


Tsar Cube 09.05.2014 05:47

Well luckily if OSCE fails to implement this road-plan, which they probably will, no one will be able to complain if Russia moves troops in to stabalise the situation. This is the last chance for OSCE.


Basil Eneh 09.05.2014 05:08

President Putin's stance is clearly intended to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine. The response from Kiev shows that we are dealing with political thugs and opportunists.

The Ukrainian army must decide whether the protection of Ukraine is same as protecting such thugs. Nothing short of a military coup will prevent the permanent split of Ukraine into different countries.

The army must work with Russia to stabilize the situation. The West simply doesn't understand and has bungled another opportunity to de-escalate. Obsessed with threats of sanctions, they forget that action and reaction are equal and opposite.


Alex Semen 08.05.2014 21:01

And are you believing the Obama statistics !!??
Please get awake, it not any " hot" there it is just smoke and mirrors my little naive moron !
Please follow my advise: when you read try to understand what you read because you are in perpetual syllogism fallacy !


Alex Oy 08.05.2014 17:00

question to any Ukranian on line at the moment: do you even understand what IMF loan will do to your country?


Mark 08.05.2014 15:56

TO:Piotr Szpulek
what specific massacre was Russia involved in the unfolding tragic event in Ukraine? On the other hands, there are irrefutable evidence that some of pro Bandera ultra nationalist paramilitaries were trained in Poland and in some of the Baltic countries. At any case, you can be certain that Russia will take concrete steps to end the bloodshed in South Eastern Ukraine.


Gregoire 08.05.2014 15:08

Vladimir Putin 08.05.2014 15:04

Funny!! Yes I am a poor American without a paycheck traveling throughout Europe at the moment. Where will I get my next meal?


I recommend kiev. Good luck.


Catmandu 08.05.2014 15:08

[quote name='Gino TheFlying Dutchman' time='08.05.2014 13:35']The European union and the US are the best things to happen in this world and the greatest achievement of humans.

Hey Dutchman, What are you flying on?!! You've been to those cafes in Amsterdam again hav'nt you?


Tsar Cube 08.05.2014 15:06

Vladimir Putin 08.05.2014 15:04

Funny!! Yes I am a poor American without a paycheck traveling throughout Europe at the moment. Where will I get my next meal?


Tr y the maidan, they have some vegetables growing in the square. Though last I heard they can't even feed their army who have to scavenge weeds on the side of the road to make nettle soup.


Tsar Cube 08.05.2014 15:03

Piotr Szpulek 08.05.2014 14:47

It's pointless for me to read it .


R ussia: "we give you gas discount and buy 15 billion of your government bonds"

EU: "Decrease pensions and pay cheques and increase domestic gas prices, decrease industrial production, in return we give you 17 billion which you have to pay back, with your country's assets being the collateral."

A citizen can't buy gas if price on it increased while their pay decreased. Not to mention they are guaranteed to lose the assets as collateral.

But don't take my word for it and read the documents, they are not THAT hard.


Tsar Cube 08.05.2014 14:48

Vladimir Putin 08.05.2014 14:46

Kno wn facts!!


Co nsider acquiring a brain before trying to know facts, your backwards approach already led you to a catastrophe.


Mark 08.05.2014 14:47

The neocon view of the EU and the instrumentalization of NATO to serve the purely the geopolitical interests of the U.S. has been captured by that infamous phrase by Victoria Nualnd: F-the-EU.


Gregoire 08.05.2014 14:44

Vladimir Putin 08.05.2014 14:42

Why ? The US has turkey and Romania as NATO allies!! Crimea was taken by Putin because he did not want to pay the Ukraine the lease and the discounted gas that was agreed to for the navy base that Russia has there. Granted there was a very good chance that Russia would lose that base with western leaning leadership in Ukraine. No argument from me on that.


Wh e re do you come up with this rubbish? ! Who feeds you this garbage??


Mark 08.05.2014 14:44

TO:Kate Young
it is also interesting to note that countries as Italy, Germany, France, Holland and Spain want nothing to do with economic sanctions or military confrontations with Russia. This fact presents a new problem for NATO. This is because now the entire economic, political and cultural, material and political Trans-Atlantic Pax Americana hegemonic dominance over the future of the European continent is in deep crisis.


Tsar Cube 08.05.2014 14:40

Piotr Szpulek 08.05.2014 14:25

I will read. I can cite economist btw.


I didn't ask about some dumb as.s economist, I asked whether you read the two documents or not.

It's now obvious neither you nor your dumb as.s friends read any of the document deals and made their decision solely on who they liked/disliked. This is the problem with democracy, when uneducated retar.ds are allowed to express opinion over matters they didn't even read nor understand. If you actually give a dam.n though then go and take both the EU proposal and the Russian ones and read them in full.


nick olson 08.05.2014 14:36

Clearly the true best interests (peace)
of the Ukrainian people is not on the juntas agenda. The illegitimate and unelected
koup kabal in kiev is responsible for the Odessa massacre on 2_May_2014 and are war criminals who are desperately trying to cling to the power they temporarily have.


Mark 08.05.2014 14:36

That the United States wanted to possess (base its military warships) in the Crimea via the "consent" of a puppet regime in Kiev is beyond doubt.


Mark 08.05.2014 14:34

TO:Piotr Szpulek
it is mainly diasporic Poles in the U.S., UK, Canada and elsewhere who have became useful conduits for the NATO/U/S. geopolitical agendas against Russia. Russia will, I am certain of that, strike back and these Russophobic diasporas Poles will not pay the price of selling Polish national interests to NATO and the U.S. Ordinary Poles will pay for it.

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