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Kiev's army shoots at civilians, uses tanks, APCs in attack on Mariupol police HQ (VIDEO)

09.05.2014 09:29

Kiev’s forces are using heavy weaponry and tanks in the eastern city of Mariupol to storm the local Interior Ministry building, where police have barricaded inside. After residents began flocking to the scene, Kiev fighters opened fire on civilians.

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Jan Kubiak 24.05.2014 15:03

You are not spitting at Ukraine any more RT, why is that? Was next order from Kremlin to shut up?


Adina Georgiana 18.05.2014 21:04

Russia should aid the poor people dying for their rights!Have courage,as you are not alone against the world!save those people from the american onslaught and give those american spies what they diserv!A nice ride back home...on a tupolev cargo bay!


Mart 14.05.2014 11:17

anti communist 10.05.2014 08:35

Yes..kiev is responding properly, let these Putin worshiping rebels taste their own medicine. Go Kiev..go Kiev.


Ar e you so stupid or so cynical? Approving of that massacre is a crime. People in the south-east are not fighting for Putin. They are fighting for the truth and against nazis like you!!! One day you'll be ashamed of yourself when your heroes in Kiev will be in prison. And don't try to replaice your fault on Russia or Putin. What has been happening to Ukrain for years is your own fault and the fault of your friends in the US and the EU.


Mirko Möbius 13.05.2014 15:32

In fact, NONE of these pictures, videos or reports is shown in the western broadcasts or newspapers. NONE!!! Nobody in Germany has an idea what is really going on in the SE Ukraine - that there is murder on the streets, that there are NO regular troops but just fascists and foreign killers. I also believed the german TV-News a long time until my loved one (lives here but is from Donezk) opened my eyes. What the h... I am upset and ashamed for my former ignorance. We have to get louder to show the people in the world what is going on. I am now a voice in the middle of Germany and try to tell the truth here.


Olga Doherty 11.05.2014 08:27

How can this be happening and all "civilised" ; society and western world is not just turning a blind eye on it, but hides the truth with wild misinterpretation of facts or simpley lies!!!! The hypocrisy and cynicism does not know limits!


Nirbijan Lastone 11.05.2014 05:10

Kiev nazi are attacking Ukraine people with tanks and artillery. Exactly like Hitler and US nazi monkey ordered.
Blood of people of Ukrain are on hands american nazi monkey, Kiev nazi avakov, Porubey, lyashko, yatzenyuk, yarosh. All of thrm will pay fir their killings


Jeff King 10.05.2014 15:02

In the first video, those were .22 caliber wounds. Which means Nato or American .223 ammo. Ak-47's are .30 caliber, and al pistols over there are 9mm. I never saw .22 caliber ammo in any gun stores over there.


Paul Ankin 10.05.2014 14:47

N.G. 10.05.2014 14:16

Gl ory to all those standing up to the Nazi!


Thank you for the movie. What I see there is not what you would like. Yatsenuk and Turchinov approached a group of people standing under USSR flag. It was a kind of risky, I appreciate that. They wanted to talk, but instead few laud idioots started shouting "Hitler&Ban dera caput" recording this video to show it later on Internet. As there was no discussion but few idioots shouting, they left this group disgusted going somewhere else.


Regula 10.05.2014 12:50

anti communist 10.05.2014 08:35

Yes..kiev is responding properly, let these Putin worshiping rebels taste their own medicine. Go Kiev..go Kiev. There's nothing Putin can do


The US can't impose sanctions on Russia without the EU losing its economy and the US suffering an economic setback itself.

Rus sia can't intervene yet. The massacres are Kiev's fault. When it gets worse, Russia will intervene. It will be the end of the criminal Kiev regime. The US can't enter such a war because Ukraine is not a NATO member. The US cannot impose sanctions when civilians are massacred by its puppets.


Paul Ankin 10.05.2014 11:08

On the first video at the end - aggressive man walking on the tank is not attacked. Such man is a direct and very serious thread to the solders inside and normally would be shot. They are only trying to shake him off, not hurting at the same time the people in front of the tank. In my opinion it shows clearly that they are doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to not to hurt bystanders and civilians.


Dutch guy 10.05.2014 09:56

Hornet 10.05.2014 08:14

Yes like US in Afganistan, oh yes one difference US left Afganistan


US is still in Afghanistan, just replaced regular army with 'private contractors'.


Dutch guy 10.05.2014 09:51

denisovich 10.05.2014 03:27

I wouldn't want to live in a country with check points


You live in the US, right?


Mathew Miller 10.05.2014 09:18

The USA is the Killer-Number one Worldwide.


Deyanira Alcaraz Guerra 10.05.2014 09:11

Criminal Kiev's Official New Goverment. That is Its newest earned Official Name. The Criminal Repúblicas of Kiev.


Deyanira Alcaraz Guerra 10.05.2014 08:56

Those " Worshiping Russians Rebels" As Rusophobics called them., are Not aware Yet that is the People, The local inhabitants os East Ukraine who DO want to be part of Russia. That is True Democracy. Dictaroship Cones when those desires and Right to Autodetermination of People is suppressed By the Use of Firce. That is Kiev's Goverment Turn around definition. Dictatorship.

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