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Kherson governor calls Hitler 'liberator' addressing veterans on Victory Day

10.05.2014 03:05

​Addressing the public on a Victory Day, the governor of Ukraine’s southern Kherson region trampled on the feelings of many veterans and desecrated the memory of all those who perished during the war against Nazi Germany by calling Hitler a “liberator.”

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Tiberius 10.05.2014 04:40

Governor of Kherson region Yuri Odarchenko, what a degenerate_bastard!


Mark Rice 10.05.2014 04:35

Disgusting! and those senior officials do nothing, even protect him. WRONG The People are right, these are seriously screwed up dudes.


George Knight 10.05.2014 04:14

IMF is going to liberate Ukraine. LOL

Hmmm... .I wonder what the new name of the former Ukraine will be?


NEVINS 10.05.2014 04:12

This is the dirt bag who turned off the water to the folks in Crimea. Typical liar and would do well in the Obama administration. I hope this speech gets out to the rest of east Ukraine so that they know the worms that will come to power unless they reject Kiev. Vladimir, help. I know that your do not want Russia to pay for the reconstruction of Ukraine from the damage that the US has caused, but the Nazis are not defeated and Russia's work is not done. Lord have mercy.


Dimitri Ratz 10.05.2014 04:09

Glen Mayne 10.05.2014 03:56

Somebody translate this and show it to Obama. These are the thugs that this government (USA) supports. They don't want peace. They want a war.


War they have. Their unwillingness to give any voice to Eastern half of the country except to shoot while themselves unelected nor constitutional will leave no option to the Federation, but to recognize the results of the Sunday referendums of Lugansk & Donetsk.


Michael 10.05.2014 04:08

How can Ukraine stay intact under a regime that has hate as its guiding light? Why would anyone other than the delusional gigalo America has for a Secty. of State expect the citizens of Russian culture in Ukraine to be treated with respect and fairness? The princess wants to "kill them all" as we heard on the phone. How can obama and his band of inept clowns continue to pretend that they are not supporting a bunch of neo nazis? How much longer can they play the ostrich?


jonnyturk91 10.05.2014 04:04

The person to eradicate you from this planet is a liberator.. for both you and us..


Glen Mayne 10.05.2014 04:01

Then publicly ask Germany's Merkle what would happen to a person who made such a speech in Germany.


Glen Mayne 10.05.2014 03:56

Somebody translate this and show it to Obama. These are the thugs that this government (USA) supports. They don't want peace. They want a war.


StumpedtheChump Again 10.05.2014 03:50

This nazi oligarch governor should be hanged in the same square with Nuland and Yatzi and the rest of the NATO goon squads that are killing innocent civillians like they did seventy plus years ago.

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