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E. Ukraine’s regions gear up for independence referendums

10.05.2014 12:03

Ukraine’s self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk are making last preparations for May 11 referendums on the status of the regions, despite Russia calling for a delay of the votes and France and Germany labeling them “illegal”.

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M.S. 08.06.2014 07:15

...That is why the Pope of Christianity goes to Israel just to kiss the hands of Jewish Rabbi & the strange aspect is he does it overtly to show to all his followers that they are servants of Zionists! Which means the most topmost man in Christian hierarchy is subdued & puppet of Zionists cause. ! Open your minds.


M.S. 08.06.2014 07:14

...states etc. are only the bankers’ dictatorship administrative. This is actually being done since more than 300 years & started nearly 500 years back, when firstly Martin Luther the founder of Protestant Christianity & Oliver Cromwell the follower of Martin Luther & the dictator & the Lord Protector of Commonwealth of England, Scotland & Ireland bribed the Jewish community to come in & have open & free hands in all European lands to exploit & enslave them for their profit & making their empire as the representative of Satan in the earth as their mere slaves of all kind as you can see. .....


M.S. 08.06.2014 07:13

....the so called fathers of secular positivism philosophers that for them the real democracy is that the mass should obey & knee to the purpose of the rich powers & allow them to govern the people & the states for progress, i.e. the mass are merely the goats & sheep that should be governed by rich power elites instead of church archbishops who previously governed them , as their shepherds! That is all. If you have any doubt please go & read their writings & See what the power masters have done & are doing in everywhere in the name of democracy,& those you see in forefronts like US-EU-Zionists –Japan....


M.S. 08.06.2014 07:11

[quote name='Guy Ankerl' time='11.05.2014 07:56']Dictionary for Western newsmen:

Neither the G8 nor NATO nor Obama+Markel+Holland e could be called “the international community”.
[/ quote]

...Please let me make some adjustments to your view, your first phrase is ok but your second phrase is not right & I remind you & all free minded people that today all the so called international organizations are just made by the world arrogant powers top of which are the satanic bankers dictatorship which was theorized by the Imperialistic thinkers ( read it the puppets) like John Locke, David Hume & Augeste Comte...


Armando Rivera-Carretero 12.05.2014 15:45

Ukraine, how does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot?


Armando Rivera-Carretero 12.05.2014 15:44

I agree. The US and its NATO member states are not the international community. They are the ever encroaching and ever threatening Empire. The international Community consists of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia who are arrogantly being left out of the game and who count for nothing to the Empire. They certainly condemn the actions of the Empire in Europe and the world over.


Guy Ankerl 11.05.2014 07:56

Dictionary for Western newsmen:

Neither the G8 nor NATO nor Obama+Markel+Holland e could be called “the international community”.
Th e international Community is the UN General Assemble or its Security Council.
Guy Ankerl


Guy Ankerl 11.05.2014 07:55

Dictionary for Western newsmen:

Neither the G8 nor NATO nor Obama+Markel+Holland e could be called “the international community”.
Th e international Community is the UN General Assemble or its Security Council.
Guy Ankerl


Blue 11.05.2014 07:29

Just saw a story on zerohedge:
Ukrai ne Claims To Have Detained "Terrorists&quo t; With 100,000 Pre-Marked Referendum Ballots

wit h calculations showing that 100,000 ballots could not have fit, speace or weight, in the car shown in the video.


Blue 11.05.2014 07:12

Ukranians had better learn some real economics, such as from NewEconomicPerspecti ves, Steve Keen (and Minsky, which handles 3rd derivative models), Michael Hudson, Bill Mitchell, Randy Wray, et all. or they will never solve their problems -- and also see William Black about financial corruption.

Trying to run a country like a household is suicide.


Blue 11.05.2014 07:07

Jeanie Anderson 11.05.2014 06:49

I understand a lot about this. Just as with credit cards, ...That is Economics 101.


If you want to talk economics with me you need more than 101! To start, a sovereign fiat free floating curreny nation is nothing like a household -- it is the creater of money, not the user, and it CAN'T go bankrupt, any more that a ball game scorer can run out of points. Further, if it doesn't go into debt then the private sector has no money, no liquidity, and money has no velocity.

What matters is employment, productivity, and utilization.

Modern Monetary Theory!


Blue 11.05.2014 07:01

Jeanie Anderson 11.05.2014 06:42

Wa it a minute. There are multiple people here who have complained about the IMF and corporations. Now YOU tell me that I'm wrong that IMF should not make loans for 5 years. So you don't mind the IMF giving loans to various countries, even if they can't pay back the loans because they keep spending their money instead?


I'm saying the IMF is a racket, and the reasoning you give for not making loans is backwards, sidways, and, as Pauli would say, 'not even wrong'.


Blue 11.05.2014 06:59

Jeanie Anderson 11.05.2014 06:36

In America, WE THE PEOPLE have been hoping for such an austerity program that everyone will


Yo u aren't even close to being "we the people", and have no knowledge of economics or government finances. You just pull nonsense out of your hat and right-wing talking points.

Obama has cut taxes drastically on the rich and stuck it
to the working class, which is why sales are down, growth is next to zero, unemployment and poverty are soaring, abd the system is on the brink of collapse. That's what will happen to Ukranians if they go with EU and IMF.


Blue 11.05.2014 06:32

[quote name='Jeanie Anderson' time='11.05.2014 06:12']Re: the IMF loans
....[/quot e]

You understand nothing about this. You are wrong on all counts.
And by saying the IMF should make no more loans is like asking the Mafia to give up it's rackets.


Tsar Cube 11.05.2014 05:22

Shame on Russia for not even sending observers there. Forget our dumb as.s Russia politicians Donbas, the people of Russia and the world support you in your bid to self determination. You have our full support, don't let fascist Kiev thugs intimidate you, never sell your country to those filthy US terrorist politicians.


Rottiegrey 11.05.2014 05:02

Jim Smithson 11.05.2014 04:55

This Ukraine crisis is one big Bardak. And RT is the biggest Der'mo media source.


What sort of an idiot are you? What's the connection between the Bardak and the Dermo?.Are you saying that the dermo caused the Bardak?, if so educate yourself some more , like a lot more.


Rottiegrey 11.05.2014 04:59

Jeanie Anderson 11.05.2014 04:57

Th e interim gov't in Kiev is still the same as before, with one exception. The corrupt Yanukovych is gone to Russia where he belongs. Ukraine has not been bought OR sold to anyone. It is still a sovereign independent nation and will remain so always. You insult Ukrainians everywhere by implying that Ukraine has given up its values & righteousness. You are wrong.


What fantasy world do you live in?

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