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​Screaming passengers flee bus from scalding jet of steam (VIDEOS)

Published time: May 22, 2014 12:49
Edited time: May 22, 2014 17:39
Screenshot from YouTube video

Screenshot from YouTube video

Seven people were taken into hospital with burns in Russia after a hot water pipe rupture directed a jet of steaming water right into a passenger bus.

The horrifying incident happened in Krasnoyarsk, eastern Siberia. A damaged water pipe eroded soil under a city street and caused the partial collapse of the asphalt, local media reported.

A passenger bus was attempting to drive around the hole in the road when it gave way under the vehicle. Apparently, the weight of the bus was enough to damage the pipe even further, causing a stream of steam to blow through the undercarriage.

The water rushed through the engine compartment to the driver’s seat, scalding him. He rushed outside, but unfortunately didn’t have time to open the passenger doors, leaving the people trapped inside as the hot water and steam filled the vehicle.

“I couldn’t see who was inside. There were only hands sliding on the misted glass. The driver was running around grabbing his head, and then some passersby started hitting the windows with their bare hands,” Tatiana, an eyewitness, told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

“They couldn’t break it until somebody picked up something from the ground to hit it with. Then guys started pulling people out. They were all red.”

Thankfully people in the street finally forced the rear bus door open and helped everyone remaining to evacuate.

“Two more minutes and they would have been finished,” one of the people involved in the rescue said. “When I pulled them out – skin was sliding off their arms. They were all so hot! And inside the bus there was boiling water. Couldn’t stretch my arm inside,” another eyewitness said.

The incident left 11 people injured, including five teenagers aged 16 to 17. Seven of the victims had to be taken to hospital, with two women remaining in serious condition. Most of the victims have burns, although others sustained cuts from broken glass.

Local authorities are investigating the incident to determine who should be held accountable for the injuries.

Comments (6)


Norbert Sachs 23.05.2014 05:03

Poor people... Hot steam is very, very dangerous and many underestimate it! I hope they all recover.


Terrie Chiquito 22.05.2014 20:47

My goodness! Praise God everyone was able to get off the bus with their lives...Well done to all those that helped their fellow man in their time on need! Clapping...Well done!!


Pasha 22.05.2014 14:46

Well done to all those heroes who rescued the passengers!

What a terrible event. Although I would add Mr John Bull, that many terrible events happen in your country too, what ever country that happens to be.
And yes, people who can afford water heaters here do have them. But if you think about it, the hot water system is necessary for heating in the winter time. If the city did not shut down the pipes for a short while in the summer time to confirm that they are safe, then the heating could break down in the winter, which would be life threatening.

Please don't criticise that which you have never lived in yourself.

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