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US trains Syrian rebels in Qatar to ‘ambush' soldiers and 'finish off' the wounded – report

27.05.2014 19:27

At a secret base in Qatar, the US military is training rebels to raid Syrian government troops and vehicles, as well as to “finish off the soldiers still alive after an ambush,” first-hand interviews in a Frontline documentary have revealed.

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Nigel Hedley 15.07.2014 10:51

ABDELKADER 15.06.2014 16:43

Talk about America shooting itself in the foot and scoring an own goal!


. . . apologies for being pedantic, but you can't shoot yourself in the foot and score an own goal . . .


Aman K 18.06.2014 22:05

The matter of fact- Its not a region but the "Humanity" is suffering all the way. Russia/China r powerful but there Silence and Surrender in almost all issues r surprising 4 me.Sir, ur home will not be safe if u r Silent and avoiding after watching ur neighbors house burning. Today even The flame is unable to reach ur home but 2morrow u will find ur home burning too. So, Plz Take a Firm Stand and Be hard to Stop this dirty political Proxy war....Please help in saving the dying humanity and help in spreading the Environment almost full of Love/Respect/Peace.. .Dont Turn ur eyes like blind...Take a Firm stand Mr Putin...


ABDELKADER 15.06.2014 16:43

Thanks to U.S. financial and military support for terror groups against Assad's Syria the army of black-clad, blood-soaked fana-tical killers from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) now have the armaments to not only take over their real target Iraq, but Jordan and threaten the rest of the Middle east. Iraq was already burning while Obama and Cameron were busily fiddling with Ukraine and childishly taunting Putin. Effectively creating a diversion and drawing attention away from the Sunni invasion of Iraq led by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. Talk about America shooting itself in the foot and scoring an own goal!


David 08.06.2014 13:35

Obama the criminal leader of the world's premier murder machine - why are we not surprised?


Edgar Kaufmann 02.06.2014 07:40

When war lord and war criminal Obama thinks he can kill Assad, so why Syria does not buy a Russian submarine with missiles and shot one missile to the Whitehouse?
He has the right to defend himslef.
Only to kill those proxy-killers hired by USA/NATO/Saudis is no solution, since houses, the infrastructure is destroyed and Syrians killed and forced to become refugees.


Bosco Dantas 02.06.2014 07:20

They are paid for this, to work for the US against their own Arab brothers


Peter Bonfil 02.06.2014 05:38

Tom if Assad was such a bogey man why do Syrians quew up in droves to vote for him.


Peter Bonfil 02.06.2014 05:36

The US CIA get Russian weapons which are rugged cheap and user friendly. They buy from Ukraine and Ex eastern block Romania Poland Croatia Bosnia where ever they are available. Sent across Turkish and Jordan borders.


Mihindu Pulukkody 01.06.2014 12:38

Guns in the hands of the Syrian rebels look like AK 47s. How did the US get hold of them?


Tom Jones 30.05.2014 11:26

Assad must be hanged. as long as this thug is in power, there will be no peace.


Michael Andersson 29.05.2014 22:42

Emmett 29.05.2014 22:13

US along with EU/NATO make up the empire of evil. Anyone who can't see this is plain evil and or dumb.


Thats right. What I cannot understand, is why muslim rebels are fighting for the USA and Israel? Are they in fact jews in their hearts? Have they forsaken Allah for Jahve?

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