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‘It’s our right!’ Syria votes for president in controversial election amid civil war

03.06.2014 04:28

Polling station across war-torn Syria have opened for the first multi-candidate presidential election in more than 40 years. Despite loud calls in and outside the country to boycott the vote, many Syrians still want their voices to be heard.

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Poppadop1 04.06.2014 07:53

Peter Bugarchich 04.06.2014 01:56

What's with f-in Canada? Have they lost their minds?


Lo ok up Victoria Grant. If a 12 year-old girl can figure out that Canada is also a debt slave of the money changers, anyone can.


michael 04.06.2014 06:46

the democracy canada does not allow to vote!


John Douglas 04.06.2014 00:54

[quote name='James' time='03.06.2014 23:04']I am Syrian that lives in Canada and Canada did not allowed me to vote on May 28th for my President.

It is shameful for Canada to deny anyone to vote in this election. It is none of Canada's business.


Kelpie 03.06.2014 23:08

It's so reassuring to see that Syria is a functioning democracy.


James 03.06.2014 23:04

I am Syrian that lives in Canada and Canada did not allowed me to vote on May 28th for my President. It is normal because Canada is following every step of USA.
All my family in Syria voted today and the pourcentage of vote will be historic.
Allah Souria! Bashar ou bassss!!!!
long life to Syria and Russia!!!!!


J Faltin 03.06.2014 22:24

To Arthur Pewty
Condescend ing arrogance to a poppulation of plus 150 million of which many live around the globe.

"I was shocked to see so many Russian posts that clearly can't grasp this . . . But on reflection Russia has none of the above either so I actually pity them."

Better pull your head out of the sand and get of your high horse before your rear split becomes a bicycle parking space.

Its your expressed infantile type of condescending arrogance of which the globe has had its fill.
I assure you not only Russians, Chinese, Persians, Iraqis, Libyans, South Americans & Europeans
Bon voyage


Peter Jennings 03.06.2014 19:32

@Arthur Pewtey,
The same was said about Libya, but we all know differently now don't we?
Mr Bashar secured over 80 percent of his electorate last election. Camoron got in with a sniffling 30. That's hardly a mandate from the people and speaks volumes about a free press and effective opposition. Some people were prevented from voting altogether.

Where have you been for the last 8 months? Even the UN has admitted that the chemical attack on Syrians, which was a war crime, had nothing to do with Mr Bashar but was done by the rebels via Turkey, so my guess is that you are cherry picking your comments or just trolling.


Peter Jennings 03.06.2014 17:11

@rocky Fjord, you probably know that the US admin back in the day actually had top nazis released who weren't put to the rope at Nuremburg. They had hundreds released from their prison sentences and quietly shipped to america. That's where they get their nazi ways and this has sunk in over the years due to osmosis.

It 's very subtle that most americans don't know even to this day. Nazis didn't go away they just moved and took their ways with them. Due to the rascism in the US at the time, meant they fitted in just perfectly.


King X 03.06.2014 15:56

The scale of action in Syria versus Ukraine is incomparable! Syria has a 3 year head start and has destroyed the country. Ukraine still has a chance and the fighting is contained.

I have concerns about these foolish comparisons being drawn, as like many other comparisons RT suggests, it leads me to question their logical skills at times.


araunity 03.06.2014 15:16

Those are not syrian rebels they are killers with bloody hands with outsider foreign Gangs as part of a Plot . now Syrian national troop conquered those gangs because most of 23 million Syrian people are with their national leadership Assad and will not allow to fall at all , together with most Arab peoples 350 million who support Assad . Russia make right thing by supporting Syrian people and assad and free world against the plot and must continue to be firm in this respect forever


John Douglas 03.06.2014 15:10

What is wrong with our politicians? Are all the western leaders just mindless toadies to the US?

If a Syrian wants to go to his embassy to vote in a national election it is his democratic right to do so.

We in the west should mind our own business. I am sure if we did this civil war in Syria would have been over long ago.


Mark 03.06.2014 14:25

By the way the Russian language is now compulsory language in all school children in Syria. Syrians see Russia as their saver from U.S. fascism. Syria is potentially a long ally of Russia.


Norhalis Piperdy 03.06.2014 14:19

I hate hate hate Assad! But I've spoken to some Syrian on the net. They said Assad have many supports & had gotten the rebels there in checked! Till the US interference started. Rebels there got more radical instigated by the US. Personally I would give the rebels state independence but I dont know much of the history of Syria. Don't even know much of international laws. Main point is people still wants Assad in power!!! Everyone should just back off!!!


Joshua 03.06.2014 13:40

The USA has spent so much time preaching that Assad is an evil dictaor and his people want him out. But the truth is, this is about actually putting a puppet government in. the people Love Assad and if they vote for him, then it will make America sound like Fools to trying to demonize him and overthrow his administration.

This is why the USA funds the rebels which were caused by the USA. Theyw ant to place a puppet government in.


michael 03.06.2014 13:23

why does the US not accept this democartic election??? may be, that the result isnt in their interest, like 1973 in chile with allende?

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