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Bashar Assad wins Syria presidential election with 88.7% of vote

04.06.2014 19:00

Bashar Assad has won a landslide victory in the Syrian presidential poll with 88.7 percent of the vote. This will secure him a third seven-year term in office amidst a bloody civil war, which stemmed from protests against his rule.

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daniel d 07.06.2014 01:41

Better him running it than an Al-Qaeda rebel


god bless syria 06.06.2014 13:25

what about russia and china?. the American President was gone as far as it is present at the appointment of the president Ukraine, what do you expect to congratulate your ally al-assad. I do not know how long we will fear reactions usa while this country don't makes any consideration for others, it can crush even his allies for his interests


Alexander Argentina 05.06.2014 17:59

The True Good Guys

Straight from the hip let us proceed... Since it is now a given that those ministries of propaganda for the US government (i.e, CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS et al.) are complicit murderers who have zero credibility as it pertains to the ongoing covetous crisis taking place throughout the Middle East.... we can now look forward prophetically.


Alexander Argentina 05.06.2014 17:58

And this assumes a religious flavor with primary focus squarely placed on one well received termed Christian, and so do now enter a pointed observation of one Peter James X, a well versed individual who made infinitely clear, how can these Christian groups ally themselves alongside a group of people (so-called Jews) whose tenets of faith are often defined by a book termed the Talmud.


Alexander Argentina 05.06.2014 17:58

The smoldering indictment of Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States is according to many a reality most Americans are too ignorant to discover as they prefer to live in the dream land fantasies portrayed in the various source books their government of a certainty makes available to them.

Indeed as Stone made clear '...the most ambitious thing I've ever done' the incendiary treatment cannot however do even in part what needs doing by providing what Iverson (a fomer NBA player) was once termed - the answer.


Alexander Argentina 05.06.2014 17:58

Recently with an able US assist Japan has chosen to test China. And though they readily flash their peace sign at every turn as it pertains to their US owners, it does need to be related to the Japanese what Oliver Stone chronicled which saw their countryman once upon a time annihilated at the hands of these now friends .


Alexander Argentina 05.06.2014 17:58

It's nothing unusual for these Americans iwhose recounted actions shows they have left their mark across the globe from Vietnam to Iraq to Libya. Brace yourself and get ready for destruction once they're involved and this makes hollow their consistent follow up promise to rebuild and establish democracy, though in certain sovereign states such as the obvious Syria prototype it's something of a conundrum when no level of divide and conquer capacity exists and thusly establishing a proxy war becomes the only open option for the Yanks.


Alexander Argentina 05.06.2014 17:58

Ever notice how often these Americans fight foreign wars? I submit that what we are waiting on is an actor to arrive on the world stage who will bring the battle to the shores of America which will see battles for the Colorado and Mississippi rivers begin. Will see California besieged, Kentucky and Ohio fall and Texas capitulate to terms of surrender. When the death count amongst civilians is steady as one coordinated battle upon battle rages on.


Alexander Argentina 05.06.2014 17:57

As ports are taken and cities racked by mortar fire and skies filled with ash from American planes downed as no fly zones are imposed throughout.

Feel sad for the American people? Not. You see, these are the very people directly connected to the termed military industrial complex from coast to coast and that line can readily be traced along the dual beach locales of San Diego and Virginia Beach.


Alexander Argentina 05.06.2014 17:57

As far as would be others who might claim no such complicity, I'm sorry but that rationale won't wash either because those leaders you elect to tell you what to do have taken it to an extreme by erroneously presuming the world would as well willingly bow to their sinister whims.

Make no mistake the USA is a cancer that a truly skilled surgeon needs to cut out.


George Rizk 05.06.2014 14:39

Bashar Assad is a soft spoken, modern leader in the mist of rag-head desert infestation! This cannot be accepted lest he propels his people to better future. We are against moderate Muslims! Only terrorist Jihadis need to run for Pres!


redtom43 05.06.2014 14:31

Who are the Americans to say one election is legal, as in the rise of their puppet govt in the Ukraine and one is not as in Syria. Three quarters of the population voted, which is more of a turn out than the u.k. ! It is because they can't decide whose the best puppet to place in power? I wish Putin would take the Crimea and set up bases their, just watch the u.s. Turn to its natural colour...yellow


George Rizk 05.06.2014 14:10

As we are told the vote in the Ukraine is valid, but the vote in Syria is not. As a matter of fact we did not even allow FREE voting in the Western capitals? In other words, we admitted that we don't care about freedom of choice in the ballot box! That is the biggest sham in history: denying the Syrians living overseas the right to vote? What are we so afraid off? Are we worried that they may select a leader who does not like slaughtering Christians?


Johnathan Stowell 05.06.2014 11:39

Maybe oblama is jealous of Assad since Assad has such a beautiful wife and oblamas wife looks like a gorilla


Chelovek 05.06.2014 09:26

John M. Wadsworth 05.06.2014 03:11

Traditio ns and values do not become 'deeply rooted' overnight. It was reasonable to assume you were making an historical argument, which Russian history simply does not support.


What do you know about it? First of all my initial argument was for syria (the above article), 2nd if you consider Russia not to have any tradition or values no point talking to you. I wonder where the values/traditions of British are gone if a girl needs to be tired up to her sit on a plane next to her parents after having loud sex with a stranger in wc.. Wow, deep values!!


Mark 05.06.2014 09:20

TO:John M. Wadsworth
are you really so delusional as not noticed the U.S. zero interest in democracy? If Bashar Assad dumps Russia and Iran; agrees to the terms set by the U.S. he would never have faced the problems he is facing today. The U.S. will never push democracy or human rights to Saudi Arabia, other Gulf countries or Bahrain. As for Ukraine, Poroshenko will be a short lived because Ukraine is in civil war; East with its massive resources will separate. You shout democracy in Syria because Al Qaida terrorists failed to bring about the regime change the U.S. wanted. Now the U.S. is using fascists in Ukraine


steffen 05.06.2014 08:19

Jimmy 05.06.2014 07:19

89%? Amazing! The same percentage as "voted" for the referendum in Donetsk. That must be right in the sham election/referendum guide! 89% must seem overwhelming but not totalitarian.


Li ttle Jimmy sitting in mamas basement can't fathom hos when his country sends in deathsquads to murder anything breathing in another country, ppl flock to the ballots to express their hatred for the yankee satan, and support for their leader and freedom, to spit on US hypocrisy.

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