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​Violence-riddled Iraq to receive dozens of F-16 fighter jets to 'combat terrorism'

06.06.2014 20:35

Iraq accepted its first F-16 fighter jet from Lockheed Martin on Thursday to be employed in the nation's fight against "terrorism," a top official said. Nearly 800 people, mostly civilians, were killed in Iraq in May amid relentless sectarian violence.

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Drake Chen 21.06.2014 03:33

Ohho finally they can start bombing on there own.
Guess the threat to the oil production was real since they can't control radical elements in ISIS .


wuix Tran 19.06.2014 12:08

Irak, il partienne aux peoples ,mais pas aux Américain,alors r'entre chez vous..rien a faire là-bas


KIM 10.06.2014 22:32

There is no way terrorism can grow and prevail if its funded by some sources.


Adamcain 10.06.2014 18:33

Well these F-16;s can be stationed at MOSUL as a gift for I.S.I.S. whose militants seized control of the airport, TV stations and the governor's offices in Iraq's second-largest city as police and soldiers ran away from their posts Tuesday.


Sei Kai 10.06.2014 13:45

The problem in Iraq is that there's too much corruption. The tiny elite takes most of the oil money and the population especially in the provinces dosen't see anything to the oil money.

If the money had been spread around the country invested in schools and universities and the population saw a real end to their problems they would have fought back insurgents.


Berke Beenhouwer 08.06.2014 18:57

As if the reason why they buy F16's does matter to the US. As long as they buy... Hypocrits.


Arno Princeston Pan 08.06.2014 18:43

Wow, the States just gives Iraq...these F-16s?...they should approve of sales to Taiwan...


Emmett 08.06.2014 15:40

Iraq has been violence riddled ever since US forced western democracy on the Arab people.

The people of Iraq and other nations US has invaded, occupies and control if they are better off with US democracy or if they were better off without US democracy or if they are worse off than they have even been in their lives?

This does not apply to the Arabs who have betrayed their religion, their nation and their people b/c you traitors have sold your souls to the devil for a few pieces of silver.


Roberto S. Chiandotti 08.06.2014 13:59

F16 to combat terrorists!? Obama, makes you clear.... you are combating the Assad ' gov the only one with aeros in this sheet. American people, wake up, you are paying by a war that's not yours.


Matt Owen 08.06.2014 07:52

Not only is this a slap in the face of the Iraqi people by its government: it's pure pork for Lockheed Martin, so they can sell more F-16s, fighter jets totally unsuited for a ground-attack role...


Scott Kuli 07.06.2014 11:51

One of the first things the puppet government that Bush installed there did was ban Iraqi farmers from collecting seeds from previous years' harvests, and force them to buy Monsanto "terminator&quo t; seeds.

I wonder if they'll be bombing the 'terrorist-farmers' who rebel against that?

I wonder if it's ever occurred to Americans that Monsanto would love nothing better than to have the American government pass legislation banning them from using non-Monsanto seeds...


Hermann Hoffmann 07.06.2014 11:20

Can you people imagine what would happen if Iraq wasn't 'liberated' . .. ;-D

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