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West has no right to give or refuse Syrian people legitimacy – Assad's advisor

07.06.2014 03:34

The Syrian election does not need Western endorsement to be considered legitimate, it is the voices of Syrian people themselves that make the vote legitimate, President Assad’s media advisor, Bouthaina Shaaban told RT.

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Regula 11.06.2014 11:50

It is refreshing to hear a media advisor speak with such passion about her country and her people. What she has to say is way more sane than anything that has come out of the west. Even assuming that not all is as well as she describes it with reconciliation, the basic premises that people want peace, want to rebuild and hate the endless escalation of the war by the west, is certainly true. The rebels who fight against Assad will find out that they are not liked in the end, that they ousted themselves, because they fight not against Assad, but against all Syrians. That can never be a political base in the future.


Claire Verdonk 09.06.2014 10:02

4 years ago the Syrian economy was booming. Increased construction, banks & businesses burgeoning all over the country & investors flooding into Syria, in particular, Syrians. Assad was bringing change to Syria, slowly, but with good stability. Assad is a dictator, but he was moving Syria towards democracy at a pace that everyone could work with & accept, even those who didn't initially want to give up their powers. He had tabled a bill to limit the presidents term. Now, who knows what will happen, I hope that once he clears Syria of these barbarians, he sticks to his ideal of moving towards a more democratic Syria.


Jonathan Scott 09.06.2014 03:37

lets ask the syrian people 1 question " are you better off today than you were four years ago?" let me guess he got 99 percent of the vote . lol


Cynthia Gelder 08.06.2014 02:29

"The WHOLE WORLD should tell Washington and Brussels to mind their own business! The current western leaders are not promoting democracy but only war and misery now."

Agreed. Glad the Syrians have told the West they don't need any endorsement.

As a Canadian, it took leaving and going abroad for years to realize how much propaganda and brainwashing goes on here. I met Syrians who stated clearly they wanted President Assad. But no matter how much support he gets, the West simply ignores it and states their own propaganda in order to create more chaos and war.


Dejan Dikic 08.06.2014 01:42

If understand correct, president Asad did not get approval from US to hold an election. I also understand that the word policemen wants to dictate to everybody own life destiny. Nothing new and is getting uglier and uglier. We also can see how they broth democracy to Iraq, Libya and many other places. I wish peace and prosperity to Sirian people.


Suppiah Adnan 08.06.2014 01:27

Kent 07.06.2014 09:51

The people of Syria have spoken, They gave Assad nearly 89% of the votes, more than what Obama got in the first or second term.The West rejects this as null and void but accepts the election of Poroshenko in Ukraine though both nations are at war.
If this is not another example of double standards then what is? Syria should ask the West to mind its own business.


The WHOLE WORLD should tell Washington and Brussels to mind their own business! The current western leaders are not promoting democracy but only war and misery now.


Alex Ramsey 07.06.2014 18:22

I think people from the area are a lot wiser after Iraq, Afganistan and Lybia...Americans and Israelies better pack up and bogger off.


Dr. Bernhard Junk 07.06.2014 17:53

Ever since Bush was not elected by votes (which were not counted) but by republican judges and lobbies who prevented from couning votes USA completly lost its right to be a speaker for democracy in terms of polling.
They are much more an example for money rules in the name of democracy also called a democratur


Ksenija L 07.06.2014 16:19

The West, specifically the US, needs to stop interfering into other countries' affairs. Nobody cares what US government thinks. I wish they would concentrate more on their internal affairs, because everything here is spiraling down.


ian sauders 07.06.2014 16:00

'“Detached from reality and devoid of political participation, the Assad regime-staged election today continues a 40-year family legacy of violent suppression that brutally crushes political dissent and fails to fulfill Syrians' aspirations for peace and prosperity,”

Wonder if there are similarities with the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests? Oh wait, the US is exceptional.


Johnathan Stowell 07.06.2014 15:44

Who is the dictator here ? The US Goes around the world trying to DICTATE to countries like Syria and Egypt and Ukraine and Libya , Venezuela and Iraq and Afghanistan among many others, who they should or shouldn't have as their president and they start wars in those countries to try and force their puppet to be put in place instead of who the people of those countries actually vote for . So who is the real DICTATOR here , not to mention UNDEMOCRATIC, the USA land of the free and home of the slave

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