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Watch the sun that never sets in first-ever Vine video posted from space

Published time: June 09, 2014 17:47
Edited time: June 09, 2014 19:37
Reuters / NASA TV

Reuters / NASA TV

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman has uploaded a mesmerizing six second Vine clip showing a time-lapse of the never-setting sun as it can be seen from the International Space Station.

“1st Vine from space! Single Earth orbit. Sun never sets flying parallel w/terminator line #ISS #Exp40,” Wiseman wrote as he posted the video.

The brief snapshot compresses a 92-minute ISS circle of the earth into a six second clip, showing the swiftly spinning earth and a sun which does not set.

This happens, as Wiseman explains, because the station is currently moving through space parallel with the day and night terminator line – the barrier where light and dark meet on the earth’s surface. The two collide in the weeks surrounding the summer solstice.

The #EXP40 hashtag refers to the current expedition of the ISS, which is due to end in September.

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Dan Hitt 11.06.2014 02:02

Space is in reach if we spend the dough on it (so: can we deduct a little from our budget to destabilize Eastern Europe and the Middle East and put it into space instead :) ?).


elmir 10.06.2014 12:12

Chin Do Gu 10.06.2014 10:13

just try a different browser or update stuff lol


thank for your help, I'm trying once again


Chin Do Gu 10.06.2014 10:13

Faouzi Elmir 10.06.2014 07:39

please could you telle me how this video is working ? I tried many times but without success.


just try a different browser or update stuff lol

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