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Zero-gravity football: Astronauts have kick-about on ISS (VIDEO)

Published time: June 12, 2014 11:28


Download video (3.21 MB)

As Brazil gears up to host the World Cup, hundreds of miles above the Earth the crew of the International Space Station had a kick-about and wished their respective teams good luck in the tournament.

It seems that FIFA president Sepp Blatter wasn’t too far off the mark when he spoke about the possibility of “interplanetary football” at a FIFA congress in Brazil on Wednesday.

US astronauts Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson, along with their German colleague Alexander Gerst, have shown the world what football looks like in Space in honor of the World Cup.

“We’ll be watching on the International Space Station,”
said Reid Wiseman, as Swanson performed a leisurely, zero-gravity bicycle kick.

World Cup action is set to kick off on Thursday night with the opening ceremony in Corinthians stadium in Brazil’s most populous city, Sao Paulo.

The show will involve over 600 dancers, gymnasts and stilt walkers and will be followed by the tournament’s first match between Croatia and the host nation.

Comments (2)


conservative one 12.06.2014 12:15

Looks like it'd be easy to smash into something, flying around like that. lol I didn't see much padding.


Brownie 12.06.2014 11:34

Nice save!

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