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Juice Rap News: THIEFA's World Coup vs Brazilian people

Published time: June 22, 2014 12:14

As Brazil hosts the world’s top football tournament, Juice Rap News’ Robert Foster investigates why many Brazilians are protesting against THIEFA’s World Coup, and why governments’ real interest in the sport should really be called "The World Game."

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Drake Chen 23.06.2014 10:05

Football , I do not know any soccer (su cker)
So stop using that horrible word, it isn't called FIFA for nothing.


John Muthukat 23.06.2014 04:11

World Cups only helps millions to accelerate their physical sedentarines s and thus their degeneration. Here the only bumbler beneficiary is the global drug-medicine cartels


Lau2 22.06.2014 21:48

Its good to see the USA doing well, lets hope they win the next game, its great for U S soccer.

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