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7 killed, over 30 wounded in Libya clashes

Published time: July 13, 2014 06:13
Edited time: July 13, 2014 17:23
Photo from Twitter/@Leptis_B86

Photo from Twitter/@Leptis_B86

Seven people have been killed and 36 others wounded in the worst clashes in the Libyan capital for six months, the Health Ministry says. Tripoli airport witnessed multiple explosions and heavy gunfire during the fighting between rival militia groups.

Rockets struck Libya’s international airport in Tripoli as militia fighters attempted to take control of the premises, according to aviation officials. City residents said the clashes mostly died down by late afternoon.

"Rockets struck inside the airport perimeter around 6am (0400 GMT)" interrupting flights, an official told AFP. British Airlines have cancelled a flight to London, while Turkish Airlines have cancelled one to Istanbul, according to the airlines’ respective websites.

Reports on social media said that a number of rockets had hit the car park in front of the airport’s main terminal.

Deadly clashes also erupted in Libya’s second largest city of Benghazi on Sunday morning, when a rogue general unleashed a renewed assault on Islamist militants. The Libyan government says that General Khalifa Haftar does not have the authority to mount an attack, but several army units have already joined his cause.

Haftar has accused the central government of supporting terrorism and has gained significant public support in Benghazi.

Libya has been locked in turmoil since the ouster of Gaddafi three years ago and its government has been unable to unite different political and religious factions. The US government warned on Saturday that ongoing conflicts in Libya could become “widespread” if action is not taken soon.

Smoke rises near buildings after heavy fighting between rival militias broke out near the airport in Tripoli July 13, 2014. (Reuters)

"The United States is deeply concerned by the ongoing violence in Libya and dangerous posturing that could lead to widespread conflict there," State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said in a statement.

She urged the Libyan government to concentrate its resources on drafting Libya’s new constitution.

"We stress the vital role Libya's Constitution Drafting Assembly plays in building the new country for which Libyans sacrificed so much during the revolution," Psaki said.

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13.07.2014 22:05

No, you can't blame Obama for this as this war as it was almost completely organised and carried out by Conservative, many would argue right-wing Libertarian, governments in power at the time in Britain and France.

See the online Time magazine article headlined, "Viewpoint: How Libya Became a French and British War"


Debbie Russ Davis 13.07.2014 20:20

Libya was guided by a visionary and a hero. She was a miracle 42 years in the making. The US should hang its head in shame at what Hillary Clinton manage to inflict on Libya when she killed Gaddafi.


John Thomas 13.07.2014 18:12

Holly Parks 13.07.2014 09:33

Libya was the most prosperous nation in Africa, with no debt and more gold per capita than any country. This was why it was bombed by U.N.


That is indeed one reason. I think there is another. In Jamahiriya, the political system Gadaffi gave to the people, there was FULL democracy - all people participated. Political parties and their sociopathic members were forbidden ending the usual 'divide and rule' found with political parties [Labour v Tory, Democrat v Republican, et c.].

In Jamahiriya, sociopathic politicians are out of work and no longer dangerous.

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