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Official count in Guantanamo hunger strike rises to 41

06.04.2013 14:32

Forty-one prisoners have now been classified as hunger strikers at Guantanamo Bay, though none of them are in hospital, the prison’s spokesman said. Inmates maintain that the actual number is over three times higher.

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Anonymous user 08.04.2013 16:29

Guantanamo is a death camp, one of many US run concentration camps inside and outside the USA.

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 02:55

its about time Cuba took back the territory, any lease that was made is clearly void

Anonymous user 08.04.2013 00:50

I wonder what happened to humanity in the first place!


Gene Michael Stover 07.04.2013 17:33

Makes me ashamed to be a USAian. We don't even allow illegally, permanently imprisoned men die without violating their rights. Do we do it to save face? Its' become a self-perpetuating injustice. We no longer follow legal processes, much less aspire to justice.


Tina TurnOn 07.04.2013 06:24

Places like this will never be closed, so it's time to create new boundaries and hold them accountable. Those being held should be charged within a certain amount of time or released. Control must be placed on torture tactics.

Anonymous user 07.04.2013 05:28

Send them to Syria with the others, right?

Anonymous user 07.04.2013 01:11

yep 1:03 its just starting too.

Anonymous user 07.04.2013 01:05

Everyone should be reading Jason Leopold's coverage of the hunger strike and Guantanamo in general.

Anonymous user 07.04.2013 01:03

You're Next, Citizen!

Do n't Laugh! No Joking!

Wal k the Dotted Line and Do Not Make Eye Contact!

Anonymous user 07.04.2013 00:46

Gee To bad Obama isn`t there.

Anonymous user 07.04.2013 00:40

They are expiramenting on them. Jesus save them please

Anonymous user 07.04.2013 00:34

They have been deemed innocent you fool

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