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‘Gitmo massage’: British inmate reveals sexual assaults and Inquisition-style torture

01.08.2013 10:11

Shaker Aamer, the last British resident imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, says he suffers from regular assaults, including those of a sexual nature, from the guards. He has spent more than 11 years at the US detention facility without charge.

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Aisha Maione 02.08.2013 03:03



corkey 02.08.2013 02:38

I made a trillion dollars reading all the comments about making money from you computer.


sandra 01.08.2013 18:41



Mark Lawson 01.08.2013 18:31

Ying and Yang. Thank the Lord above, that Russia can once again provide a counterbalance to USA Superpower-Doom. Truely the USA Washington Government - Military is at best suffering from Fuzzy-Logic, at worst turning into a monstrous despotic right wing dictatorship with no regard for Law, Order or Human Rights. Something has gone seriously askew with its perceptional thinking. The only language it understands is the one of 'Might-is-Right' which only Russia can provide, to reign it in before it is too late for everyone. this case exemplifies total bully mentality . The UK government is weak , corrupt and incompetent


Hector Quintana 01.08.2013 17:24

Either the detainees in Gitmo are prisoners of war, or they need to be subjected to the mainstream judicial/legal system of the USA. If the latter, they should properly processed immediately, if the former, then Obama should be brought up before the UN as a war criminal, as the torture of POWs is specifically prohibited by the Geneva Convention. No third option exists and the USA cannot be allowed to operate outside of international law, or the UN declares itself impotent and worthless. If that, then why do we spend billions and billions to keep that archaic and apparently neutered political entity alive?


guadalupejoe 01.08.2013 15:29

This is the USA today folks. Torture, murder and carnage all across the world. It's been predicted the U.S. economy will nosedive within 12 months which is really good news. The sooner these clowns crash and burn the better.

Iva n Bond or whatever its real name is a well known troll here at RT.


Greg Price 01.08.2013 13:38

Ivan Bond 01.08.2013 12:15

British citizen doing charity work in Afghanistan? Really!

A Saudi national, who lost a lot of weight, claims a sexual abuse! It is getting so ridiculous.

This propaganda is, highly likely, going to backfire.


Iv an, that is called profiling... I am a British citizen and next year I'm planning a round the world trip to do charity work. Also why does it matter that he was born in Saudi? That has no effect on his weight issue, weight issue is the first sign of neglect. The point is that he was cleared for release which means he was proven innocent. Racist...


Dave 01.08.2013 13:11

I am british and disgusted with this, why wont our government sort out this misjustice? Whether you believe he's be tortured or not, he still should not be there.


maria 01.08.2013 13:03

Clearly, British & USA are one. Explanation, British never left America slaughter Native Indians took there lands & are doing the same around the world. They are power & money hungry. It is said that USA politicians come from British blood line & that explains it all.


example51 01.08.2013 12:02

Horrible. 11 years without a charge. SHAME ON YOU USA! Why isn't Obama commenting these things?

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