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UN: Afghan conflict 'changes nature' leading to civilian death surge in 2013

08.02.2014 10:34

Civilians in Afghanistan suffered a heavy toll last year with total casualties jumping 14 percent, as fighting intensified between government troops and insurgents, the United Nations said in a report on Saturday.

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Rodney 10.02.2014 20:54

"US Ambassador to Afghanistan, James B. Cunningham, told the Post that Karzai's alleged ideas represented "a deeply conspiratorial view that's divorced from reality ... It flies in the face of logic and morality to think that we would aid the enemy we’re trying to defeat."
LOL what a lying load of skumbags the US creeps are, Karzi's got it exactly right..
The US does exactly this with all areas they want a regime change, even Ukraine the same MO... it never changes... time to dump US from the world stage..


Beanie Boy 09.02.2014 00:46

These conflicts inevitably 'change nature' and turn against the innocents, which is why the waging of aggressive war is a crime against humanity.


Jon Vosloo 08.02.2014 21:23

12 year of waisted lives in a pointless war that should never have happen.. America wanted blood revenge for the crimes on 9 / 11 and the Afghan people have been pying that price for over a decade.. it's more then time for the American's to end their illgal war and leave the Afghan people to chose who they want to be part of their countries make up.


Berry Waters 08.02.2014 17:15

>> Karzai confirmed he is engaged in secret talks with the Taliban <<
Seems to be working real well. The only logical way to negotiate with the Taliban is via a séance.

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