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Unidentified people shoot at three Slavyansk checkpoints – reports

Afghanistan stores 40,000 tons of opiates – Russia’s drug watchdog

20.09.2013 12:44

Some forty thousand tons of opiates are stockpiled in Afghanistan, Russian authorities revealed, urging coalition forces to focus on the elimination of drug laboratories in the Islamic Republic.

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haroonramoz 17.11.2013 23:22

Vodka must be better.


haroonramoz 17.11.2013 23:21

that is the only income CIA has.


Diez Sanchez 18.10.2013 17:49

Don't tell the Americans there is that much dope there! Mexican drug dealers had to quit rolling their dead immigrants in long white sheets or the junkie Americans & their bad drug habits would try in smoke em! AAAAGHH QUITdoping america! Your disease leads to lots of death! Not from the drug usage but by them that game the relaxed oversight of agencies like DEa, DOJ, &CIA to make a war on terror & drugs a good Chunk of, off the grid cash! The money is not in these poor farmers or south American drug crop growers hands silly! ..follow d money & watch the house made of crackers<---ha) crumbles!


Kathy Legislative Coordinator 22.09.2013 22:32

"For Russia – where an estimated 8.5 million people use drugs – battling the problem remains vitally important. Between 20,000 and 30,000 people die in the country annually through drug abuse, and around 100,000 from narcotics-related illnesses, according to FSKN."

- One would think Russia would be more than ready to legalize cannabis for medicine and recreational use. Cannabis is far safer than alcohol, any pharmaceutical, and certainly any form of opiate, for mind body and society. Humans have an endocannabinoid system regulating nearly every physiological event in the human body. We run on cannabinoids.


Joe Daniels 22.09.2013 01:59

Why is it being stockpiled? To be taken to Russia etc in one load to destabilise the country?


Dandy Fapper 21.09.2013 22:00

It's the US led coalition that has built the opium production up to what it is. The taliban had it under control. The "war on drugs" has actually been a war to promote drugs.


BANKSTER SLAYER 21.09.2013 17:30

Why does nobody ever remember that MORPHINE also comes from Poppies? And with cancer rates at all time highs, at least in the USA, the demand for MORPHINE has never been greater. Oh but we must let Big Pharma manipulate the poppy market and drive prices higher for this drug ... and we certainly won't let people know about all the natural remedies for cancer. WE MUST KEEP THE MORPHINE CASINO RUNNING.

pffftt .... let Babylon be destroyed, NOW.


Wayne Lambright 21.09.2013 04:15

Hyprocacy. You can't have a war on drugs if there are no drugs, wars need weapons which are paid for with drug profits. How about we have a war on hypocrisy and government corruption and let citizens of the world decide what they want to do with there bodys, they do it anyhow and if we legalized all drugs, Imagine the profits. Its obvious nobody cares about the people who die, so let them die and lets profit, thats the motto of the arms industry.


Werdna S 20.09.2013 20:41

And I'm not just singling out the US:

1. In the 1800s, the UK did it.
2. During the Soviet-Afghan war, the Russians did it...


Werdna S 20.09.2013 19:56

Though I'm American, I don't like seeing young people hooked on this stuff, especially since I know the CIA et al. play "unofficial roles" in distributing it.

Moreover, the CIA doesn't seem to care too much about its regional allies as well as Russia's Nordic neighbors - that is, Finland, Sweden, and Norway, all of which are plagued by the same manufactured epidemics. In fact, if I were Swedish, I'd consider placing my alliance with America on ice for a while.

Without Russians, particularly young, educated Russians, in the picture, America, nay, the entire world stagnates.


L Lewis 20.09.2013 18:57

what feeds $ to black ops world wide


Sean Strongman 20.09.2013 18:56

i don't understand, nato fault is that russians ar consuming 40 time more heroin?


Elma Riachi 20.09.2013 18:21

So Afghanistan's 40,000 tons of opiates becomes the new Fort Knox. I doubt the Afghans will see poppy cultivation as 'illegal' it's part of their culture. They have been growing for millenia.


Colin Shorey 20.09.2013 17:43

My goodness,all those yanks and Brits ,sounds similar to border control.Could they recognise poo if they saw it?


StepStone 20.09.2013 17:39

Afghanistan is doing chemical warfare against our youths.

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