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Million Mask March: LIVE UPDATES

05.11.2013 07:19

Supporters of the Anonymous hacktivist collective are holding rallies all around the world on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day. They are protesting against what they see as the rule of greedy corporations and corrupt governments around the world.

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WorkTogether 06.11.2013 21:29

So very proud of you Anonymous!! You will set in motion the peaceful Revolution for the return of a Free, Decent & Honest World! Thanks for the beautiful photo's RT!
Global Leaders sit up and TAKE NOTE! The days of your thieving, corruption & murderous wars are numbered! Countries belong to the people, not to the leaders they employ to lead them -- Get the message, you are employees of the people! If you don't do your job you're out! Go Anonymous Go!


Andrew Stephens 06.11.2013 20:31

Eastern Media is not taking over the Western World...the Western World stopped producing news media. Great job RT, this is an excellent article. Very well done and a lot of awesome footage. We were also aggregating and reporting on the MMM all day, so if you need any images of video links for articles, V shares all!


Dion Fitzgerald 06.11.2013 11:13

i heard that the next annon protest no members of the group will allow other members to get arrested, sounds great. if they try to arrest one person everyone will step in and bring that person back home with the crowd :-) this is true unity against a corrupt system long live the people.


JoeBlow 06.11.2013 05:56

As long as most citizens believe in the ideas that justify global capitalism, the private and state institutions that serve our corporate masters are unassailable. When these ideas are shattered, the institutions that buttress the ruling class deflate and collapse.

W e are Awake. We recognize that we have been shorn of our most basic civil liberties, and live under the gaze of the most intrusive security and surveillance apparatus in human history. Half the country lives in poverty. Many of the rest of us, if the corporate state is not overthrown, will join them. These truths are no longer hidden.



Jonathan Courtney 06.11.2013 04:15

To say that there were people there that wanted to incite violence is completely absurd! There were secret service / corporate agents embedded into the groups that were trying to incite violence and were quickly called out by the groups. It is well known the corporations planned to do this and so the entire movement was well informed of this and did everything in their power to ensure that these people were called out for their actions. This was not to be tolerated as it would give the corporation of the united states a reason to impose stricter laws. They did it at previous occupy movements and it was anticipated.


JayJay 06.11.2013 03:57

Downfall of people thinking this is the downfall of globalization, and/or the US. How many times can they say the sky is falling? Ok chicken little, LOL!


robert heartland 06.11.2013 02:08

Also the ones who really hate our freedoms are the Super Rich!


robert heartland 06.11.2013 02:06

Good for these kids! They recognize the danger of a new world order / Super Rich fascist takeover of the free world under the now silly claim of fighting terrorism! Especially when the terrorists are being funded by the Super Rich and government to overthrow democratically or representative governments in favor of some opposition forces who are not even the Syrian or Egyptian or Libyan people they are fighting for! Lets have a revolution at the ballot box in the US! Our founding fathers gave us this peaceful means of revolution. Use it America! Or lose it! The next phase of this takeover will be no elections!


Ricky Woods 06.11.2013 01:28

I'm glad for those who did come out, but there should have been a million in Washington alone. It only shows that this monster will never be stopped, due to the overwhelming apathy of most Americans. The facts are readily available to them online, perhaps not in the Elite-controlled media, but sources like RT and others make ignorance no excuse. Many Americans still refuse to believe the NSA is even a threat, and that what Ed Snowden has already revealed the NSA is doing is acceptable! And that Snowden is a traitor! No, I'm afraid the NSA will win in the end, and the NWO will occur just as planned. God help us all.


Torcularis 06.11.2013 00:47

See? This is what can happen when people don't fear and band together! You are NOT alone. You are powerful, you are capable, and you can change the world for the better.

The protesters kept themselves peaceful and mostly contained here. There are hundreds of thousands of them across the globe, and these are just the ones who decided to show up. I would've gone to one if I had a way to get there, but because I live in a small town with no public transportation and I semi-recently wrecked my car, I couldn't. What do you think would happen if all good men and women stood up and said "No more!"?


sandra 06.11.2013 00:30

Society does care! I wish that I could be there in person!
Thanks to all that attended world wide!


T 06.11.2013 00:26

RT I generally respect your reporting, but you SUCKED on the Million Mask March reporting. I noticed how a couple of you (reporters) put their digs in for the elite re Anonymous: "illegal methods" "not organized" etc. Too bad you're bought and sold now like the rest of pig media.


Aron Jhelia 05.11.2013 23:55

yea since i can't be at the protests today, i've spent the better part of my morning calling news media stations and trying to tip them off about what is possibly one of the biggest protests of the decade. and the rest of my time has been spent spreading the word and looking for a ride to the protest.


Tyrant 05.11.2013 22:31

Rik Bakker 05.11.2013 22:14

It is really unbeleavable here in The Netherlands nothing has been reported about this in the lying mass media. Everything has been cencored about this. Good job everyone next time maybe capturing the mass media tv stations so the general public WILL here about this.


Do you have independent media in The Netherlands?


Rik Bakker 05.11.2013 22:14

It is really unbeleavable here in The Netherlands nothing has been reported about this in the lying mass media. Everything has been cencored about this. Good job everyone next time maybe capturing the mass media tv stations so the general public WILL here about this.

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