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​Antarctic break: Russian, Chinese stranded ships navigate out of ice trap

07.01.2014 12:00

A Russian-built ship stranded in the Antarctic ice has started moving away from the ice fields after a change of wind cleared its path. A Chinese icebreaker, which was caught herself on the way to rescue the vessel, has already reached clear waters.

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Victor Bahzad 27.01.2014 07:19

Andrew Jones 09.01.2014 14:43

ATM CO2 is 0.04%.. That is the trace gas plants need to breathe in order to stay alive and grow! Where else do they farm carbon from?


Numb nuts, Atmospheric CO2 is actually 0.0004%
0.04% would be 40,000ppm

If your not even capable of doing simple math then how are we to expect you to even understand what those numbers mean? Let alone understand how something as complex as global climate works.


Andrew Jones 09.01.2014 14:43

Anyone who mentions CO2 here has already lost the argument. Two powerful ships stuck far from where a wooden sailing boat made shore in 1912.
The poster (a loony) who says the Earth needs oxygen... Why are you wasting it then? In fact you can stop your family from wasting it too. End them.
ATM CO2 is 0.04%.. That is the trace gas plants need to breathe in order to stay alive and grow! Where else do they farm carbon from?


Paul Felix Schott 09.01.2014 04:41

OUR Planets Atmosphere needs Oxygen with the decline of it the world's health will decline, as like some of the
not so smart gov payed Scientist. Some that will do or say anything for $$$$$.
Once the days start gettig shorter the cooler it will get and longer days warmer, most all fifth graders and every framer on Earth knows this.
IF they had know better and had a brain like a Scientist to go with the tital of one they carry they would have known,
that the Sea Ice is going to grow at a Record Pace with Shorter Days.


Paul Felix Schott 09.01.2014 04:39

Just as with longer days the summers are going to
brake all records each and every year that OUR Planets Atmosphere Oxygen declines.
Mid Summer Days hot as Hel_, Winter Nights POLAR BEAR WEATHER.

EX PEDITIONS on ships into ice seas many have been done most all know it is safer and wiser to do it as the days are getting
longer not as a fool when the days are getting shorter. You risk yours and the lifes of others that will come to rescue you.
World Leaders and your Scientist be Smart open your eyes most all on Earth can see and want to hear the TRUTH from its leaders.
Stop running your vessel Afoul.


Paul Felix Schott 09.01.2014 04:36

If you follow a true course the spirit that gives your heart its life will give you great wisdom
and strength and power to resist the wicked.

Sci entist are you afraid of losing that fat pay check,
or think that the wicked will end your work like NOBLE BRAVEHEARTED Scientist Dr. Katharine Giles.
Everyone that the wicked think they have stopped its work 100 will replace that NOBLE BRAVEHEARTED one.
By your work shall ye be judged do good help others and always seek and tell the TRUTH.
Every soul will be filled with great fear that don't help others and don't seek the truth and our LORD, JUDGEMENT DAY.


Wizard2579 08.01.2014 10:45

People fail to understand basic laws of thermodynamics. Cold Climate DOES NOT EQUAL Cold Weather.
Climate is an average of weather conditions over at least a couple of hundred years, while WEATHER is the IMMEDIATE state of wind, temperature, cloud coverage, and moisture (perhaps there's more precise def, but this is roughly it)...During the ice age, oceans were actually warmer on average, and there was actually less ice on the poles than is now. But I guess it's easier to make an uninformed statement than to read some books, you know, dusty ol' books, not the fancy e-kind and educate yourself.


Wizard2579 08.01.2014 10:25

Where was Akademik Fyodorov? He could have chipped off any ice wall xD


Mark Blackford 08.01.2014 01:31

Robert Dallago. Russian are use too artic conditions and have infrasrtructe to cope, them spending money on artic expeditions for research are why they are capple to cope with artic conditions. Then consider there country is not in debt. you can't judge the problems now happening in the USA, with Russia.


Robert Dallago 08.01.2014 01:11

The ‘Akademik Shokalskiy’ research ship.

Researchin g what? Why do the Russian people have to go though this expense?

Someone tell me what the is so important to research when winter is coming in the northern hemisphere?


Commander 08.01.2014 00:56

This is tremendous news! By the way, it was very encouraging to see the USCG on its way, in order to help free the vessels. This kind of international cooperation is like a ray of hope for this troubled world.


jack stone 07.01.2014 20:52

That global warming must have created all that extra ice that got them trapped. lol ;-)


brian david 07.01.2014 17:50

When no politicians are involved , the people of the world work fine together.


becquerrelle 07.01.2014 16:36

OK - Naturally because it is Now Summertime in the Antarctic!

At Least Good Intentions instead of Empty Excuses were Declared when Needed

We Rally Can ALL Work Together!

P eace is Not an Option - Dynamic Armed Neutrality makes Good Business


Louis Nettles 07.01.2014 16:00

All is proceeding at Anthony Watt foresaw on December 31.

"I had looked at what was happening and saw what I thought might be an opening in 7-8 days based on the forecast graphics from Weather Bell, where the winds would shift to offshore in the area where [the ship] was stuck."


Gary David 07.01.2014 15:17

It's the thought that counts. When it's a rescue then the thoughts are good. Problem is usually when money is spent by the military usually it is to prolong economic war by those who run a lot of the world. "the world class corporations" and all that they have compromised through the years. end lobbyist control vote for Jesse Ventura 2016


diego 07.01.2014 14:36

Italian ANSA just wrote the icebrakers are waiting for the american rescue :-\
what a great news agency!


svetovid 07.01.2014 14:24

Now in one week time we will read:

" ;US Coast Guard's only active heavy polar icebreaker which was sent to the rescue of one Russian and one chinese Icebreaker, got stuck in the ice"

G reat stories, keep it up guys!


bruce-wayne 07.01.2014 13:27

BRAVO! Well done Russia and China.


Peter Johns 07.01.2014 13:27

Looks like America won't be saving the day this time.

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