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Snowden ally Appelbaum says his Berlin apartment subject to raids

21.12.2013 17:20

Jacob Appelbaum, a Berlin-based US journalist with access to some of Edward Snowden’s documents, claims there have been a series of raids on his apartment, saying he suspects possible US involvement.

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Trader Ron 23.12.2013 08:19

Appelbaum is naive to think that he would be safe in any Western country allied with or under the influence of the U.S. government.

Actually the U.S. is a rogue presence in any country in the world whether or not it it an ally of the U.S. or has extradition treaties with the U.S.

Barry has been acting illegally anywhere he pleases as the Republicans are scared to death of him aznd will not defy him. Barry has allowed the State Department, NSA, CIA, USMC, USCG, USAF and the US Army to violate treaties and international law with impunity much liked Israel did when her Mossad kidnapped Eichmann in South America.


Pauly Cobb 23.12.2013 04:28

you Eyro socialists think you know the west...hollywood isnt who we are....Obama isnt who we are...we are not what our lying media syas either....we are what we have always been...we are cowboys and we will still break your nose if u open your liberal mouth to our face.


Pauly Cobb 23.12.2013 04:22

oh those dimples...This guy sounds like lead ballerina of the nut cracker...dude...u know Snowden is a traitor right? everything that happens to you..YOU DESERVE IT Mr. Pink


JackZ R 23.12.2013 01:44

No obamacare for you!


Ilja NB 22.12.2013 22:37

Snowden is only safe in Russia or China, every other country would have presented him to USA on a silver platter.


Jerry Frey 22.12.2013 22:24

Snowden is still a traitor deluxe...napoleonliv k/edward-snowden-dos sier/


abdulMuid 22.12.2013 18:06

Haeshu Kasiiki 22.12.2013 17:42

Snowden for President 2016!!!


That's cool!


Haeshu Kasiiki 22.12.2013 17:42

Snowden for President 2016!!!


James Robert Thompson 22.12.2013 17:34

“Blending Crowdsourcing for Fast, Cheap and Accurate Analysis of Spontaneous Speech” is a program being funded by DARPA (the US Military). Wired magazine reported that a computer scientist, Matt Lease of the University of Texas, is being paid $300,000 to develop a means of transcribing tens of thousands of cell phone conversations into text at once so they can be stored permanently in flat text files.

Beck husen believes the use of this database of digital conversations is that an agent could pull up on his computer any phone conversation anyone has ever had and know exactly who the parties are.


Codefore Zap 22.12.2013 17:21

Edward Snowden is the best thing that has happened to the United States since the Philadelphia Tea Party on October 16th, 1773.
There was a warning sent out to the good Captain Ayres of the ship Polly that if his ship landed with its cargo of Tea he would be tarred and feathered. This was in response to laws passed that allowed tea to be shipped to America without paying a tariff. This made the sale of tea in America at a much lower cost than tea produced in America. Sound familiar? Today it is common place to enact these kinds of laws that hurt our country. Politicians try to keep their passage a secret.

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