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New pan-Arabic Human Rights court set up in Bahrain

03.09.2013 05:12

The Kingdom of Bahrain has been chosen to host an Arab Human Rights Court. Activists predict that instead of protecting human rights the court would rather persecute those seeking civil society and prosecute tenacious leaders like Syria’s President Assad.

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AmericanX 04.09.2013 04:53

If we did not supply weapons to these goat herders, they will be fighting with sticks and stones.

The y should be thankful!


andylaw8 03.09.2013 23:35

this must be a joke ,he who throws first etc


Freesaxon 03.09.2013 22:48

amazingworld 03.09.2013 21:
A good point, pity though


Common Ali 03.09.2013 18:56

It is appropriate that 'phony' Human Rights Court be set up in Bahrain; because most arab governments are corrupt, oppressive, and 'not for the common man'. Bahrain, where a minority rules over a majority, is the ruthless model of many Arab governments. In Bahrain, they prosecuted doctors who treated the injured protesters! It will take Arabs a century or more to be civilized and just!


George Rizk 03.09.2013 16:25

What about human rights as in: 1- ability of women to drive a car. 2- ability of women to step outside the house without male guardians, who practically put them on leashes 3- ability of women to take their black tent off in 110 degree weather. Just to name a few massive human slavery overlooked by our presstitudes!

How about stopping beheading of priests by Saudi thugs, and burning of churches. It is an effing joke to talk about human rights by barbarians.

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