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‘Winter is coming’: Dutch tell UN court Russia breached international law, must free Greenpeace activists

06.11.2013 11:18

The Netherlands has demanded that Russia free all 30 Arctic Sunrise activists detained in Murmansk at an international tribunal in Hamburg. Greenpeace protested Russia’s boycott of the hearings by sailing along the Moscow River in boats.

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eslaporte 18.01.2014 20:37

Tell the Netherlands, Europe's new rouge nation, to start enforcing its own laws and mind its own business when other nation enforce its laws.
First, starting with hate speech.


Rob Dekker 13.11.2013 10:21

Dear "Count Cash",

Greenpeace is a non-profit under US law. That means they cannot make money, only spend it. They have a very strict policy against taking ANY corporate money, and they publicly declare their finances on their (publicly available) 990 IRS forms, which include where their money comed from and exactly where they spend it on.

Now for Gazprom.... I'm all ears. You have ANYTHING ?


Rob Dekker 12.11.2013 07:59

Let Gazprom publish their internal pay structures and their payments to legal and other consultants! Let them show the employment contracts and their lifestyle arrangements. If they are lowly paid industrialists they will be only too glad to be open and transparent about it all. Yes commerce is important in democracies, but corporate fraudsters operating as a cult, are not only unimportant to that process, they are damaging to it, as they become a corporate structure no different to the ones they claim to oppose!


Tigger Perfferle 09.11.2013 06:13

@Count Cash- In it for the money? Are you for real?? Anyone who knows anything about democracies and protest understands that activists like Greenpeace form a central plank to that process. Had they attempted to board a European rig they'd have at worst spent a few hours behind bars. This is a completely embarrassing own-goal by the Russian authorities of a pre-1989 mind-set.


Rani Muller 08.11.2013 13:54

Surely, protecting the Arctic - in our names - from yet more oil drillings and gas explorations and the possible graver consequences that could endanger this most pristine and fragile part of the world, is able to override or take precedence over a country's sovereignty?

When will you finally respect, uphold and dignify the right, the human right, to peaceful protest?

Op en the gruesome prison cells and let the Greenpeace activists go. They mean and meant no the contrary!

W hat irony, to lock up those who, out of selfless idealism, patrol and guard against the ongoing and ruthless destruction of our planet!


Lolu Lolu 07.11.2013 20:46

Sean B 07.11.2013 11:29

Why ? because of "might mighty" russia? don't forget holland is EU... EU > RUSSIA


No, because you have to read the law. GP breached the Russian law in the Russian Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ). The tribunal has nothing to do with this law. Therefore, GP would simply be accountable in Russia according to this law. Read the law, it is in English, google it.
It says Russia can seize the ship and escort to Russia with all criminals on board and prosecute them in Russia.


Pete Anderson 07.11.2013 14:46

Greeen peace broke the law, they are all adults they knew what they was doing !


Sean B 07.11.2013 11:29

James Martin 07.11.2013 10:51

"The Netherlands demanded..."
That's just hilarious.


Why? because of "might mighty" russia? don't forget holland is EU... EU > RUSSIA


James Martin 07.11.2013 10:51

"The Netherlands demanded..."
That's just hilarious.


Rob Dekker 07.11.2013 09:19

Now that Russia decided that the laws set by UNCLOS do no longer apply to them, the question arises if the Exclusive Economic Zone (as defined by UNCLOS and ratified by many nations) will still be respected by foreign nations.

Or are we now entering an era where international waters (beyond 12 miles off shore) become a lawless area where anyone can take anything if they can... ?

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