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Venice Aires? Argentina capital submerged as storms leave at least 8 dead

03.04.2013 06:14

Violent winds and torrential rain have torn through Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, killing at least eight people, cutting off power, felling trees and triggering flooding.

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Anonymous user 22.04.2013 16:34

Flooding in Argentina, US, Russia, Greece, Canada - anyone willing to deal with climate change?

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 19:06

Falklands has nothing to do with this catastrophe, show some respect, at least 41 people died.

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 18:51

this catastrophe has nothing to do with the Falklands,more respect for q families lost loved ones

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 18:34

He who commented about the Malvinas is not very intelligent...

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 18:32

He who commented above is not very intelligent.
Alm ost 40 killed in the city of La Plata.

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 13:53

Stupid yet funny, geographically Argentine though.

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 10:26

god is angry at them trying to claim the Falklands as theirs !

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