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American Studies Association backs academic boycott of Israel

05.12.2013 12:50

The American Studies Association (ASA) leadership is pushing a plan to boycott Israeli universities, saying that Palestinian students and scholars currently face severe obstructions to their right to education “due to the occupation.”

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Golan Ssenkooza Mutesah 29.12.2013 19:26

How do you boycott the intellectual cream of the world without them we would still be leaving in the victorian times we blowing out selves up so that we could meet voluptuous virgins in heaven,we would be denying freedom to women with the israelis we would be in total anarchy long live israeli and its people.


Armaan Sahgal 09.12.2013 07:11

AmeriKKKa: Recognises Israel and Kosovo, condemns Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

I know it's a catastrophic situation what with Zionists terrorising Palestinians, NATO occupying Kosova, and poverty in Abkhazia and South Ossetia; but I can't help but laugh at AmeriKKKa's hypocrisy.


dick munch 08.12.2013 23:01

Was RT created to spread propaganda and hatred on a daily basis upon Israel. Hebron was purchased by Jews legally, and now u r calling it occupied
Russ ia, u should be concerned with ur own issues, u corrupt piece of.....racist Jew/Israeli hating nation. Do u remember who Stalin was???


Asclepius 08.12.2013 17:39

I think that the only chance the Jews would have had to form a state for Jews of all races, would have been in Madagascar, where the cockroaches hiss like snakes.

Birobidgan was only realistic for Russian Jews. Argentina would have been a slaughter, but is still a possible future, Herzl's choice. Spain doesn't want 'em. Morroccco would be too picky, and only accept Sephardic, similar to Argentina.

They may as well move back to Germany, and hundreds of thousands already have. There's always NYC, so who are they kidding about not having a place of their own!


TILII 08.12.2013 02:26

Boycotting Zionist products are the only way to bring down this Vicious apartheid regime, like it was done in S. Africa.
People familiar with the products exported from occupied Palestine, which is illegally called Israel, should list these products so we would know what not to buy.
Freedom for Palestinians from these genocidal thieves.


Didi Magnin 06.12.2013 19:39

The way the so-called "Israelis" was and is horrific. Most of the Israelis come from from Middle Europe - Golda Meir and Shimon Peres from Poland, Liebermannn from Moldavia. What are these people doing in Palestiine? Murder, torture, no civil rights, taking over the land from the Palestinians, who have lived there for millenia. In the late 1960s I also believed that Jews should have a homeland - but now I realise it is at the expense of the Palestinians. when the Israelis were screaming about arms coming through tunnels from Egypt, they were having massive deliveries of arms from the USA through Prestwick.


JOE G 06.12.2013 13:40

IDF what a laughing stock, could you actually imagine these cowards in a real conflict.


JPSamulcek 06.12.2013 12:45

Really the best thing that could happen is to turn Israel's sand into glass. I seriously doubt anyone would care if the world finished what Germany started.


Sarah T. Roberts 06.12.2013 03:54

You may wish to correct this article. J. Kēhaulani Kauanui is, in fact, female and should be referred to as "she."


Malcolm X 05.12.2013 16:21

AntiChrist is at work he wants Isareal to be the Holiest state in the world so he expand his territory if he has to walk on the bodies of 3 billion people, the all wars are not happening by chance , zionist,nato,EU,USA, all will make sure that Isreal will become a super power as we are seeing today, & ths salafi,wahabi terrorist helping them too in syria.Libya,afgan,Ir aq...Fake jihadis.......One day the pure Muslim brother, Shia brother , chirstian brother will stand shoulder to shoulder & defeat this masonic /zionist/gog & magog/Nato


sandra 05.12.2013 16:06

Boycott Israel. Sanction Israel until the world gets answers and results and convictions for their crimes against humanity.


Fahad Haroon 05.12.2013 15:59

Jerker Edenborg 05.12.2013 15:29

A total worldwide boycott of Israel would solve a lot. We managed to revoke apartheid in South Africa and could do the same in Israel.


Yeah That was South Africa which you can Boycott, but We are talking about Israel The main Lobby of United States of America, The #1 Ally of US. If we Boycott Israel we are gonna have problem in America.


Jerker Edenborg 05.12.2013 15:29

A total worldwide boycott of Israel would solve a lot. We managed to revoke apartheid in South Africa and could do the same in Israel.


Mya Barranqota 05.12.2013 15:24

The west more so America boycotting Israel will be the start of bringing peace on earth.

The world knows this ...what is the keep back.


eslaporte 05.12.2013 15:10

[quote name='Chris' time='05.12.2013 14:58']This is the sort of action that forced the end of the Apartheid regime in South Africa.
The Palestinians need a Nelson Mandela to help them gain their freedom and end the new Apartheid which is institutionalised in flowery language by the Israeli govt.

Viva BDS.

[/quot e]

And criticizing Israel is always 'antisemitic.'
W hy isn't criticizing Russia 'anti-Russian' which carries the same strong reactions as the 'antisemitic' label?!'


eslaporte 05.12.2013 15:08

Well, you know what we're going to hear: 'Why this is antisemitism' and 'these people must be radicalized Muslims!'
Yep - US and its allies take to labeling and namecalling, which leads to people being put on watchlists for expressing themselves in a fashion that harms no one.

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