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Accusations that Syria used chemical weapon 'against logic' - Assad

26.08.2013 07:07

Syrian leader Bashar Assad has stressed that the claims of his government using chemical weapons made by Western countries are “an insult to common sense” and “nonsense,” in an interview to Russia’s Izvestia newspaper.

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Benji idu 04.09.2013 05:58

My simple comment is that it is just the same old story of America wanting to show that they are the only remaining super power of the world and that they can do as they like, for they control the worlds financial system.


Warren Willetts 29.08.2013 08:45

Muslim aren't against the west for what we are told, they are upset that their companies, banks, countries are being taken over by the Fortune 500 american companys backed by the Central banking system, which is privately owned by the rockerfellers, mogans, rothchilds etc... Muslims are the scapegoat for the takeover of thier banking systems which are independant, once the central bank has all banks in the world borrowing off them then they can form a world bank and that world mean total world control. The ability to shut conutries down if they don't pay the high interest on the money loaned to that country.


Warren Willetts 29.08.2013 08:44

notice how our news only shows one side of the conflict, where's the reports from the other side? I heard a report say that the sirian government thought it was the rebels firing the chemical weapons, why would they say that, they know they won't be believed that a poor underfunded little rebel army could keep their hands on expensive rockets and then fire at their own people. what if it's neither, what if it's people inside, paid to fire chemical weapons, so they keep the conflict going, so they can send America in there and over throw the government. a view to capturing the bank system, thats the cash cow.


David du Toit 28.08.2013 15:53

... n terms in an escalating series of moves. This is a move in the early stages of a series of moves. It won't stop and it won't get better. The 'strategists' are committed to n terms, 'come what may!' ...


Miguel Jesus Lopez Rodriguez Sanchez 28.08.2013 09:36

Russia, other European countries please stop this madness! The US/UK and its Rothschild banking war machine has to be stopped, say no to this madness


John 28.08.2013 03:05

R.W. Emerson II 28.08.2013 02:10

Charles 20:26: I think Americans on the road to Damascus will see the light and end up revolting against their Zionist leaders and put an end to their adventures in US.


US leaders will never see the light. All evil loves darkness and the most vile evil and satanic cult in the world controls the US government! Things will never change in the US because the people here only care about the idiot box that constantly spews lies and mind numbing garbage.


onanotherendlessjourney 28.08.2013 02:23

Do you really think that the Syrian army would use c. weapons with the UN @ their doorstep, Assad is right about the latest incident, it lacks common sence & logic. No countries Govt would do that under such intense scrutiny, common sense. Why does the US and UK not see this, they do, but their agenda is control.

Also to the peeps who "hate the west", hate the ones who make the decisions for us without consulting us, the public and lying about it on Corp TV. By saying that, you hate all of South America & Canada, which people here don't share the USA view at all. The ones that do, are sheeple, and live in a box.


onanotherendlessjourney 28.08.2013 02:06

I'm Canadian, and what the US is doing/about to do is beyond stupid. I am ashamed to live next to them, not the people, the Govt. I truly hope Harper doesn't envolve us in this, but I have a feeling he will. If it was Jean Chretien, he would of told the USA to go to heck like he did for Iraq. I truly believe that the FSA staged this to bring the foreign military intervention like they have been doing for the last 2 years. I do believe however that the C. weapons were used by Assad before then. There are no "good guys" on both sides, both kill eachother without regard of innocent lives. Canadians, open your eyes!


Victor Gottlieb Haggy 28.08.2013 02:05

The lame stream media has jumped on board. Instead of Demanding the evidence, of who used the WMD. What we are to just take thier word for it this time. I think NOT!! The rebels are not just rebels now. Al-Quiada has an agenda maybe they did it to provoke a response. Knowing that this will be WWIII. Who Knows? I want the proof in Black and white No bullshit this time.


Daniël Rosingh 27.08.2013 19:41

Richard Reeve 27.08.2013 17:52

... When this evidence does come to light, I hope the same people who say it justifys an attack on Syria still feel the same level of outrage when we discover our own governments are the real guilty ones.
If the west attacks Syria, I hope it leads to huge civil wars in the UK and US as citizens wake up to the truth.


J ust like the 9-11 attacks?

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