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Assange blames neglect of WikiLeaks party on desire to save Snowden

22.08.2013 16:48

Julian Assange has admitted his preoccupation with Edward Snowden’s case has resulted in “over-delegation” in his WikiLeaks Party as five members announced resignations just weeks before the Australian elections.

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Elaine Stamper Davis 01.01.2014 22:54

I don't think Assange is concerned, or WAS concerned ever about being a whistleblower. He happened upon his mission out of first a deep concern for untruth and after serving time for that, his concern was given an even deeper purpose, obviated by his next moves including his creation of WikiLeaks, which I personally think is as brilliant an APP as any software genius who creates ways to make us all monitorable.


Armenius Walk 25.08.2013 04:24

RT quick fix. Rudd is not very much in the running, daily a new poll has the Conservatives and Abbott moving further and further away. Today polling even suggested Rudd may lose own seat
Abbot is not the most traditional Conservative. He is a Catholic who will respond to particular issues very differently then previous leaders. For example he has already announced that if/when he wins Government Australia will quickly accept a large amount of Coptic Christian refugees from Egypt. He is very Religious. Dont let Conservative tag guide you he has the most socialistic overbown paid parental leave scheme on the planet.


Rani Muller 23.08.2013 16:50

Snowden, with your help and advise no doubt, received his Russian visa at the end of July, virtually a month ago.
Crucial Australian elections are being held in two weeks time. If indeed you were/are serious about getting a seat in the Victorian Senate, Mr. Assange don't you think that some more input, focus and dedication to this side of the world might be in order?
Having attended all but one council meeting doesn't exactly show much exuberance or enthusiasm.
With out the minimally required 17% of votes you may as well pack it in. Some members' subverting and so-called 'teething problems' are turning voters away.


Morchlen Simmons 23.08.2013 02:20

I hear this sort of mistrust of Assange quite a bit, and frankly I fail to understand it. Mr Gary Stewart not only seems to be a mind-reader, but his poorly expressed animus is rather gratuitous. I assume he is of the teenage persuasion...


arc 23.08.2013 00:33

brilliant job, Julian!
knife in your back was not justifiable


gary stewart 23.08.2013 00:07

I dont trust Assenge, he is a power hungry fool. He is jealous that Snowden had the brains the fly to Russia whille he made the most idiotic decision to fly to the UK who are the United States lapdogs.
Where are the thousands of pages of breaking news you promised the world Assenge? Big mouth


rt-themonk 23.08.2013 00:00

"Bradley Manning, the soldier who leaked US documents to Wikileaks, announces an intention to live as a woman and be known as Chelsea." Well...this is the last we will hear about him in RT if the Duma has anything to say about it !!!

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