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Assange: ‘Snowden safe but journalists dealing with him at risk’ (FULL VIDEO)

11.10.2013 15:52

Edward Snowden is safe in Russia, but the fates of journalists who helped him and published his leaks are now of more concern for WikiLeaks, Julian Assange said in an exclusive interview with RT Spanish ‘Behind the News’ host Eva Golinger.

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McRandomJack 29.10.2013 23:32

God bless Julian Paul Assange : God save the TRUTH : God defend the Activists and thanks WikiLeaks by AITF

We are Anonymous : We are Fighting for the TRUTH! : Because none of us is as powerful as ALL of us : Expect Us!


OLGA LAZIN 21.10.2013 06:28

I truly enjoyed the movie.This time Hollywood tried to get as close as possible to what Julian stands for. Daniel Berg, played by himself, turns out to be a complete idiot trapped into the "American way" myth.


Graham Wright 12.10.2013 10:25

Forces of evil seem to have taken over the USA and 'turned' President Obama whom I thought was a decent man. See the 'untold history of the United States' by Oliver Stone and read Noam Chomsky for background information.


Wadih-Jean De Richard-De Fayad 12.10.2013 07:41

poor people all of you, you have here an honest guy, you are just so not even egocentric, you are too stupid for that, you know what, that dance will last even if the dancer isn't here, i like what they do, you know why ?, not even for the truth, the so-called transparency of the west, and ..., but because all of you rely on sth like ''you know ...', uhm that's a kick to all of you ''out of the sight !''.


Turab Nazar 12.10.2013 04:08

My take away " How to control a state without INVADING it"....Jist of the interview.


Pete Anderson 12.10.2013 02:34

Rick Lee 12.10.2013 02:13

Y ou think Assange is American?


I know he is not American. I am not American. I just do not trust Assange to many question marks hangover him. Hollywood does not make films that are against the globalist agenda. I could be wrong, but he sets off many red flags.


Pete Anderson 12.10.2013 01:22

I don't trust Assange, they have now releases a Hollywood film. Another Globalist propaganda device? Turn against your country become a citizen of the world? Don't get me wrong I am not against whistle blowers who speak out in good conscience. Is Assange a whistle blower or just a gate keeper? CIA tool for disinformation ?


Joseph 11.10.2013 22:13

I am ready to hold up in that embassy.
I loved that reporter and Julian.


Peter Knopfler 11.10.2013 22:06

HI, great video.;here is what we do know; this is a GLOBAL world, and it will have it´s Global Heroes to Help Humanity tell the TRUTH or at least know the difference. Therefore ASSANGE, Manning, Snowden, DRAKE ETC ETC, and many more to come. Remember a nation of secrets is a nation of LIARS, never to be trusted. World Heroes as PRES. PUTIN, and Global Heroes, Snowden. Lets get real with the truth.


frances luff 11.10.2013 20:35

Go to John Pilgers website it explains everything


Candide Schmyles 11.10.2013 19:57

Julian is perhaps the most vilified figure in recent history save perhaps Hugo Chavez. The mass media claims him to be an arrogant, self serving narcissist but is that what you see? I see a man of humility and thoughtfulness keen to deflect praise onto others and always striving to shine a light of clarity on the issues of freedom that affect us all. He has effectively given over his life and liberty to exposing the descent into a new era of fascist totalitarianism. In a just world today's Nobel Peace Prize would have gone to Julian, Edward or Chelsea. It is a mark of the corruption of that institution they were not.


Kenneth T. Tellis 11.10.2013 18:39

It was the Venezuelan patriot Chavez who first took on the U.S. and they did not forgive him for breaking their stranglehold on Latin America. Other Latin American leaders should borrow a page from the Bolivarian Revolucion and drive out the U.S. staraps from all of Latin America, including Honduras and Colombia. They could complete that job that Dr. Ernesto Che Guevara-Lynch de la Serna started and died for in Bolivia. Hasta Victoria Siempre!


Jean-Claude Meslin 11.10.2013 18:18

As I wrote so many times, there is one peaceful way to fight America's hegemony: Simply boycott radically the USA and their accomplices from NATO. Knowing that just a small minority of those countries' population is accountable for Humanity's misery; those creeps will soon be put out of business by their own peoples...

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