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Assange Episode 10: Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali

25.06.2012 13:24

With the Arab Spring, the Euro crisis, and mass protests in Russia and the US, the world has become a different place in less than two years. Two prominent public thinkers – Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali - help Julian Assange make sense of it all.

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Kenneth T. Tellis 11.10.2013 23:08

Every time there is a news broadcast from the West it is usually with propaganda that creates the impression that only they are telling us the truth and everyone else is lying. The Voice of America and Radio Free Europe were part of the Amerivcan offensive against the Soviet Union, But the real enemy was not the Soviets, but those running the charade of democracy in the U.S. itself. Their job was without question was to undermine any country that refused to become a satrapy for them.

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