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No charges ever pressed: Assange marks three years of UK detention

07.12.2013 19:38

WikiLeaks founder and journalist, Julian Assange, has marked the third year spent in detention in UK under constant threat of extradition to Sweden.

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Red October 20.12.2013 00:38

Who scan Assange mind ? You cant scan something belonging to you . She start to believe , she said to me dadi .


Red October 19.12.2013 23:41

jimmy juice you dancing around cataract five , i step back 5000 years in a week time .


Red October 19.12.2013 23:37

Local harrp you trying only to knife my back , you can't .


Red October 19.12.2013 23:30

Just last night i saw on my stargate walls your caw and over her head flames and crying dark tears .


Red October 19.12.2013 23:26

Yes few days ago , I hunted your illuminati with the most powerful dark magie . You can try any magi or religion to counter it .


Red October 19.12.2013 23:21

You put me from 9 years under tortures , shadow game in london , poison . you harming me , I'm fighting solo and no one with me , no familly no paper . I want to get in touch with europeen human right . London Illuminati stop showing me your faces in my mind like dogs .


Red October 19.12.2013 23:12

Why i don't have the right to build a clean juridic case after 9 years ? i still under mind control tortures . They hunting me with powerful dark magie making my life hard , and all time wanna to show me as darkness .


Red October 18.12.2013 01:22

Once I shot the litle girl , the new litle girl driving souflass .


Red October 18.12.2013 01:10

Your amnesty give it for those they have status , as political prisoner , inocents called as torrorist and any one who can not get maried , like 10 milions illegals in united states and one million in the uk . who became easy target for spies agencies for experiencing human as drones . Your inteligencia became absolete , and your cyber world will be out of your control soon .


Tony Corrigan 08.12.2013 23:41

Imagine a world without men and women as brave as Julian Assange.


KalimeraHellas Person 08.12.2013 22:42

Roza Adalgard 08.12.2013 18:13

They try to warp up "the Collateral Murder" in a condom. Now we have the drones all over the place.


Now we have more heroes. Drones aren't make you happy or safe. A man who pass through molten lava and religion dogmatic terror, isn't a man. It is an immortal like Socrates, Che, Mandela, Snowden etc. Drones haven't the ability to progress or to evolve. Drones are "compacted fear" made by the goverment to protect the goverment. They aren't protect the people.
Despotis m must be end because is an idea imposed by extraterrestrials follen angels.


Roza Adalgard 08.12.2013 18:13

They try to warp up "the Collateral Murder" in a condom. And technology advanced. Now we have the drones all over the place.


Michael Lee 08.12.2013 18:11

It's quite obvious that the Wikileaks Party had much more than 0.24 percent of the vote.
I think the Australia elections system is being manipulated just as it is in the U.S.


Brandon Sergent 08.12.2013 14:44


I count 25 (counting this one) as well. I suspect there is a technical explanation, like spam comments being counted then deleted?


rogirl 08.12.2013 13:05

This article shows 33 comments but I can only access 25 of them. This happens to me. all the time on this RT site. Am I the only one to have poster's comments blocked or are there others? please would somone comment on this.


Max McGee 08.12.2013 09:52

manning and assange are predescesors of the snowden leak phenomenon in the US. The difference in the assange case resides in the fact that both actors,
manning and assange, are both essentially under detention.

assange is under detention of personal choice because he undoubtedly be prone to extreme punishments as a result of the intentions of the nation states that desire his punishment.

snowden and greenwald, however, are much freer people. snowden cannot be in the US for obvious reasons and greenwald resides in brazil.

The truth is that the west is at fault for this obvious injustice


Proud Atheist 08.12.2013 09:23

South American countries are the countries that suffered the most from American barbarism. Now, they want to make sure that other will not fall into the same evil trap.


Charlie Dean 08.12.2013 09:21

As far as I can tell, everything that Assange has released has been generally beneficial to the people. The government exists (at least in theory) to serve the people. From what I have seen, I think Assange should have a safe trip to Ecuador or Australia. I

t is interesting to speculate how the US government would react if Assange were in Ecuador or Australia.

Or suppose he had never left Australia. Would the US demand his extradition?


Proud Atheist 08.12.2013 09:19

Do not send him to terrorist slave Sweden. The Americans would love to execute him.

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