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US will cling to mass surveillance like nuclear weapons - Assange to RT

29.12.2013 18:16

Julian Assange said there is “no hope” that mass strategic interception – as it is termed by the US – will go away. The whistleblower then drew a historical analogy with how the US has retained nuclear weapons in the past.

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Red October 19.01.2014 15:44

I dislike to right the same stories as the world taking me as idiot . You didn't let me to go any where , i know as a stranger what to do at first in 2007 , you didn't let me ! and you stoped me in the road with many spies , you switched me off .
Me too i switched off from the arab world including my familly . As i shot all my wives first , and from that considered by the arab leadeurs as wanted life or dead .


Red October 18.01.2014 02:32

Justice if you exist you need to stop your lies , most advanced mind ever , show my paper tiger to the world , i'm the only responsible of my own writing and perception about the future . i predicted as i said in it about the up coming revolution in the arab world , and the role of the alqaida in it .
why this organisation played the role of a virus in it , even why ben laden was made as you shot him for thing that i expained in my paper tiger too . for things that that i need too as i shot him before you shot him .


Red October 18.01.2014 02:17

As i said many times i don't much with any religions , as individual person lost . Seeking to find way to justice , many countries participated in the shadow game in london , many spies was round me menacing me , runing from bus to bus , womans and man and i know there ID's . And all about the tiger , was't a dream but combined with , that i meet in 2006 , it changed all about me becaming not as a human .


Avis71 15.01.2014 07:10

Ricker6 30.12.2013 22:12

Disinformatio n is defined as ‘misinformation that is deliberately disseminated in order to influence or confuse rivals.


Ricker6 knows a lot about disinformation...... why would that be ?


Red October 06.01.2014 21:47

Why they don't want to arrest me and i'm in london inside an electric prison . illegal making trouble and i know that the police in london offering 200 £ any one can help to catch any illegal migrant to send him back home .


Red October 06.01.2014 21:39

As any body , i been in the police station twice to explain the case , they told me its not a crime first time , second time he opened his eyes to me and he right in his rapport < they are controlling my mind , he should suffering from paranoia >.


Red October 06.01.2014 21:32

Of course i have witness when they send me 2 officers at midnight , sending me shadow to rape me and they keeped me one month withouth closing my eyes until my brain became like water as i was one with the tiger , to cloon my tiger mind .
After i found myself laughing day and night during years and people round me telling me you should see a psychatre .


Red October 06.01.2014 21:10

The question is in 2007 why they push me into website chat and it was an alien program , finding myself chating to my memories until and i heared from this chat that my father is dead , of corse i was blind with kind of dark magi throuth my mobile and window . Days later they send this agent to poison me to put me under mind control torture machine , why they send 2 police officers at midnight menacing me to move to your contry or we will kill you . using my memories for rape night time.


Red October 04.01.2014 14:27

Assage if you belive that you spreading your lies in central asia and they didn't accept to publish your lies because there is no freedom expression , and you find that in the western contry there is freedom why they stop you from publishing them in the uk or europe , rt , ........even google .


Red October 04.01.2014 14:19

I spook badly witch i dislike too . but wasn't journalistic style . Because they want to impose their knowledge on me . I mean you need to know yoursel before to impose your cloonage on me . the sky and the underworld chosed me because i know myself and i know how to get in touch with this kind of world . it follow like this who gives order to cloon my mind is the one who gives order to stop assange from leaking last year in december .


Red October 04.01.2014 14:05

I showed to the world thing that you can't do with your alien programe , all time each picture you puting her is powered with kind of aliens , i mean live picture . why i said only teachers . My idea was to push the limits with assange mind , to make him when he talk to see fire .


Red October 04.01.2014 13:57

Go clean your back with your book you too .
Superior to 3 . You didn't wake up the lion until now . I now very well myself , why i get in touch with the sky and the underworld . I destroy what you clooned from me and i clooned what i want my little girl . Your knowledge doesn't affect me .
Man horse is raping an other mind .

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