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'Not real James Bonds': Assange explains why 'small publisher' WikiLeaks beat the Pentagon

08.12.2013 11:43

WikiLeaks’ major achievement is in weakening the authority of US intelligence, according to the whistleblowing website founder, Julian Assange, who has just marked three years under virtual house arrest in the UK.

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Kenneth T. Tellis 10.12.2013 00:19

It is similar to David versus Goliath. Being big does not mean that NSA can beat all comers. The battle of Salamis proved that 5 million Persians could not defeat 320,000 Greeks. So, now is the time for WikiLeaks to go for the jugular vein and put the NSA out of its misery.


Wendy Woo 09.12.2013 06:37

It takes real bravery to risk your safety, and become a whistle-blower. In his case he has given up his family, home, and freedom to try to help society. It is sad that people are so impotent in the face of the criminal spying operation of the US government.


Donna Marie 09.12.2013 04:37

Leon I agree a 100 percent . Assange who is being held captive forgot to mention why . Neither UK or US are charging him . He is just some hacker that his facing charges of rape and instead of going to court he runs . Hero no way . He lives off the donations of others and not one person knows where the money goes . Snowden released one shocker of NSA that US was spying on its own people . The rest has been known for years . Shocker Russia spies on the US and the rest of the world . US spies on everyone too .


Alan Cameron 08.12.2013 23:18

People like Jullian Assange & Edward Snow are people with conscience and prepared put themselves in danger in order to enlighten the ordinary people of the World about how Governments, Big Business and the mainstream Media who are usually owned and controlled by Big Business, how we are generally gullible and allow ourselves to be duped and misled.


KalimeraHellas Person 08.12.2013 22:22

88 is a secret name for Hail Hit.....


Michael 08.12.2013 19:28

Don't be taken in by a Illuminist/Pentagon stooge like Assange. The information he has released is inconsequential in the long run, and his statements that 9/11 was carried out by box cutter wielding Islamics prove that he is an intelligence asset. All the radicals will now run to him for "help" just like they did for Noam Chomsky, the notorius F.B.I. informant. Assange will now serve to help control the course of the debate, to our detriment.


Stephen Hanger 08.12.2013 18:29

When Evil Men are prased and good men are punished , even the foundations of Heaven are shaken. When will this times of Murdering end? The united States has become the worst threat to mankind sence the creation of the earth. Untold millions of innocent bodies lie dead upon the earth.


Debbie 08.12.2013 18:05

"Assange has acidly compared the government agencies that had their activities exposed by WikiLeaks’ revelations, to “creepy and sleazy beetles which start to run around in panic when the stone which was shielding them from the daylight is torn away.”
lol couldn't have said it better myself. Assange you are my hero.


Simon Dylan 08.12.2013 15:00

MI5, M16 agents are not like you see in the movies, the ones I've seen whilst being monitored & met whilst being asked to rat out on the fathers civil rights movement were blackmailing, fascist, middle class, goofy, slimey, skinny, grey little nasty soulless sellout 'things'


Willie De Villiers 08.12.2013 13:43

James Bond.....? Nope, more like Buck Rogers wannabee's


Davis-Guess Wendy 08.12.2013 13:28

Competition keeps men honest. This plan to centralize and consolidate will turn the planet into a totalitarian state. Competence to even achieve a functioning society at any level is questionable. Failed society on a global scale, in a war that may never end is what could result from all of this. Hardly worth the chance.

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