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Asteroid Miners Inc? Cameron backs ‘real-life Avatar’ space project

21.04.2012 13:15

Director and explorer James Cameron has joined an ambitious project to collect natural resources in space. Unlike his blockbuster, the endeavor is likely to be closer to Armageddon-style asteroid mining.

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mergon 18.04.2014 11:26

Whats the worst possible thing that happen on a planet that has an energy problem ? well it this people could find out that our planet is super rich in Hydrogen and its all around us if people found that out the price of energy would drop like a stone ! oil companies would go broke , governments with theit 80% taxes on fuel would also go broke , funny old world aint it !


james 28.11.2013 06:55

may be he could make Moor money sending to the sun the plut onion residual or make de moon the thrash repo for atomic residues

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